green bottle of VSOP Reserve Hennessy cognac

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I stumbled across this old bottle at my grandfather in laws house here in Japan. I am told it was a gift to him from one of his kids around 30 years ago. It has never been opened. I have searched the web for the last couple of days and not found and thing about a green bottle of hennessy. I know the quality of the cognac will not get any better in a bottle but figure the bottle its self might be worth something. Any ideas?

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  1. Guest22062400

    I have a green bottle also but it say's one quart it also has 30  UP on the lable i have had this bottle for over 15 years,  no known value any ideas?

  2. Guest632172
    I have it , Green bottle of VSOP-Reserve print at bottle 750ml
  3. Guest179024
    These are older bottles, but distilled products like this don't improve (or get worse) with age because the alcohol level is so high that they simply don't change much over time. So unlike some fine wines, distilled spirits don't appreciate in value over time in the bottle. Yours should be perfectly good to drink, but it won't have any higher value than a current bottling of the same stuff. the new one is priced at Gift Boxed. Bottle Price: $79.99 Dozen Price: $948.00

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