grass killed due to dog urine. I have installed 1000 sqft of performance dwarf fescue it is 3

by Guest11870699  |  10 years ago

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I have installed 1000 sqft of performance dwarf fescue it is 3 weeks old. I was not aware that dog urine will kill it. Will the fescue get batter in time and what is the best way to help correct this problem?

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, I wonder if they have enough space to separate the lounging or active area from the waste area. They may need some more space. I would consider converting the waste area to a sand or mulch or other material without the expectation of grass. Grass will not do well with the constant burning of urine. If they respond to a sand bed or a mulch area, why not let them have it for use? Clean up may be easier and they will use the same area out of habit. Otherwise, the area must be protected from urine and sod is the quickest way to recover it. Seeding will take too long to get the jump on your dogs. Best of luck

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