Goodyear tires ST235/80R16 D load

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I have checked my Titanium 2002 RV in storage and find I have small side wall cracks appearing on all tires, they are always covered when not used (UV) but I am just preparing for a trip to South Carolina from Ontario Canada. Is it best to replace all tires prior to the trip.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Cracking is the natural result of the degradation of the rubber. It is a combination of stress and the state of the rubber. Some cracking is to be expected - even if the tires are properly cared for. However, any shortcoming in tire maintenance is going to show up first as cracking, then as a tire failure.
    There have been a series of advisors from tire manufacturers stating that tires deteriorate due strictly due to age. My take on these is that if you live in a hot climate (CA, AZ, NM, NV, TX and FL) the limit is 6 years. Cold climates (MT, MN, ND, WI, etc) would be 10 years. States in between are .... ah ..... in between.

    If you don't replace them, there is a risk. The best way here to do is to get your tyre checked from a proper technician or someone who is a tyre expert. He will be able to tell you about in detail about the condition of the tyre and will also tell you about a good solution for your tyre. In my opinion tyre are crucial since all the load of vehicle is on them, so you should not take a risk and it is better to replace them.

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