getting married online legally

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i'd like to know how my boyfriend and i could get married legally online.

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  1. Guest28425375

     Hi sir my gf is from Philippines and I from India and we are from 4 relationships and now we want get online marriage so plz can u help me to find hw can I get married to her 

  2. Guest28424531

     It should be allowed. There are circumstances, such as both parties have been together in a previous relationship and now are states apart yet resumed their relationship, one or both parties are unable to travel at the current time due to health issues but want to be married. As with me... he fears he is dying and his wish, as well as mine is to be married. And no, my email is not invalid!

  3. Guest22500124

    f**k u

  4. Guest19644239
    can two people get married who are from two different countries? And is ir considered a legal marriage?
  5. Guest16075875
    is this get married online legally and get marriage license at city of town?
  6. Guest12452155
  7. Guest10024898
    hahahaha what?????? that's not even close to real

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