gatwick airport is situated inside london or outside of london ?

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gatwick airport is situated inside london or outside of london ?

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  1. Xpert

    First of all the address of Gatwick airport is
    West Sussex
    RH6 0NP
    United Kingdom
    so it means it is not located in London. But as it is situated 5km away from London Victoria station so it is known and served as London airport. It’s the 2nd largest airport after the Heathrow airport. The direction to reach the Gatwick International Airport by road is defined below. London Gatwick is 28 miles south of London, directly linked to the M23 motorway at Junction 9 and to the A23 London- Brighton road. The M25 at Junction 7 is a 10 minute drive from Gatwick Airport, connecting it with the UK's extensive road and motorway network.
    The distance of driving from the listed cities to London Gatwick in miles is
    Basingstoke 62
    Brighton 28
    Cambridge 96
    Chelmsford 61
    Clapham 25
    Croydon 19
    Dartford 35
    Dorking 13
    Guildford 34
    Kingston Upon Thames 27
    Portsmouth 62
    Reading 65
    Redhill 7
    Southampton 91
    Tunbridge Wells 23



  2. fahad latif
    it is situated five kms away from london victoria station, and it is inside london. it is the second large airport in london after heathrow airport. It is not located exactly in London but it is known and treated as London airport. For more information please visit gatwick airport official website. Regards.

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