garmin nuvi won't turn on even when plugged in

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garmin nuvi won't turn on even when plugged in

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  1. Guest27697886

    mine did the same last night. i turned it off for a few hours and it wuldnt turn back on. i spent several hours trying several things including holding the power button. i read about them having switch issues and battery fade, so i thought i'd open it up but couldnt find a g.nuvi 750 guide and there are no visable screws on the back. finally, i noticed a small dimple on the bottom sticker. BINGO! i thought, i peeled the sticker back to find the screws are "torx" heads. FAIL! i thought. i noticed a small cut out under the sticker as well and pushed it with my s***w driver. it felt like it contacted a button. BINGO! a reset button? nothing came on though. so i slid power to on and pushed the tab... SUCCESS, POWER ON, EVERYTHING WORKING NORMAL AGAIN!!!!!

  2. Guest15364900
    folks, the garmins have an on-board battery that needs to be powered up (at least occasionally) via the usb port - like from your computer. just using the dc car power cord does nothing for this battery. i've had this exact same problem on both my 760 and 780 nuvi units. fixed it using the usb charge. seems to run down differently for all the various nuvi models. my regular charge will hold for 7 hours on my old 660, my 760 and 780 work about 5 hours. my 'power up' failed on the 660 after 10 months with no internal battery charge, but the 7xx models only took about 5-6 months to 'fail.' hope this helps. jack b :-) in midland, tx usa

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