How to grow easily Gardenia indoor?

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My gardenia has been indoors all winter but lately it leaves have started to turn brown and the whole plant feels dry and is losing a lot of leaves. It gets buds but they also wilt and fall off. What can I do? I do not see any insects in the soil or on the plant. Thanks

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  1. Angelina

     Gardenia vegetation care can be a little bit tricky, but if you realize the desires of gardenias you can augment them inside or outside, counting on your climate. When developed as a houseplant, persons are often let down when their one time gorgeous gardenia appears to wither at home. This does not require being the case. With correct gardenia care you can augment this attractive, fragrant shrub effectively year round.
    Well-drained, acidic dirt with a pH of 4.5 to 5.5 is perfect for gardenias, if sealed or in the ground. During the day, gardenias favor temperatures from 68 to 74 qualifications with a reduced of 60 qualifications at night. Moderate humidity guarantees wholesome vegetation but soggy origins origin bloom buds to fall, as will dirt that is too dry. Adding peat moss to the dirt will advantage your vegetation by assisting it keep moisture without evolving too wet.
    When you water inside plants, ascertain to glimpse if the peak inch of dirt is dry by poking your digit into the dirt and then give your vegetation a good soak. Any water that builds up in the platter under the vessel should be drained out. It is a large concept to location gardenias in a pebble topped up tray. Water can be poured over the pebbles to supply moisture and humidity without unwarranted water being soaked up into the soil.

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