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I have my question regarding the legendary singer and song writer Barry Manilow. He has been making so many albums and sometimes it becomes very difficult to choose his album from a stock when one has to make a choice. Nevertheless, I would want to know that when will Barry Manilow do anything for Chanukah?

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  1. Harry

     First of all this is a very interesting question. To answer the question regarding when Barry will do anything for Chanukah, is also a good one to answer. Secondly, it is very much possible that Barry might include a few Chanukah songs on an upcoming Holiday CD rather than a whole album/CD of Chanukah songs. In other words, I think if Barry did a holiday-themed album or CD similar to those that Kenny J has made (which contain both Christmas and Chanukah songs) it would be excellent. Obviously, it would also please both his Jewish fans and the Christian fans as well. Although Barry has recorded two Christmas CDs, he has very rarely performed these songs live in concert. Yet, there cannot be an idea whether Barry plans to record another Holiday album in the future or if he will ever do a Holiday Tour. However, it is believed that if Barry does ever do another Holiday album, it should include a blend of Christmas and Chanukah songs. For anything to happen, we shall have to just wait and see if and when Barry records another Holiday album and/or tour.

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