fun tomboy sleepover things to do

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get the water holes and play in the water

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  1. Guest28431224

     Everyone's like "Boys/tomboys don't have sleepovers"or "You dont sound like tomboys/boys to me!" etc. BUT: There are different types of tomboys okie? I'm a kind of goth-girly-tomboy person and although that's weird, being weird is completely fine !  !!!! Also, Ideas for a sleepover: watch horror movies, have a midnight feast, have a waterballoon fight, steal you mum's makeup and to the blindfolded makeup challenge (it's really good, trust me. Search it up on google.), make prank calls, camp outside, write stories, play Heads Up!, eat sugar till you're sick.


  2. Guest28138846

     1st go and play football.Then eat pizza.Watch horror movies.At midnight get loads of sweets,crisp,biscuits,whatever and have an eating competition.Stay up as long as you can.take loads of funny pics and make a collage online.Next morning go to shops and buy a huge chocolate bar.Drink fizzy orange.Have races.Play football.Speak gibberish in front of little kids.

    I did all this and trust me it's fun.Whatever that idiot who wrote that's said is stupid.Tomboys don't do that and she's obviously not a tomboy.

  3. Guest28072109

     You aren't sounding very tomboyish to me...

    But anywho, do whatever you want!  People say to prank call, watch videos on Youtube, and eat sugar- DON'T !

    The time to set up a prank call will bore some of you to death, and I get that from expeiriance XD

    And sugar will only wear off and make you want to sleep even more when it does.

    Youtube is a great place to get laughs, but after a while, staring into the screen without any activity is going to get boring.

    As for ideas as to what to do, I have non, just be sure not to do those things too much.

  4. Guest24763456

    Well im having a sleep over at my friends house and we were thinking about prank calls and pizza? And our arch enemy is coming and we aree gunna have some muvva fu*king fun with that BITC*h

  5. Guest24012592

    im 13 an from deep in the south and with the way yall are talkin yall dont seem like real tom boys to me i hang out and sleepover with my friends mostly to get away from my parents, im havin a sleepover tomorrow and i thought i could get fun ideas from here but i was wrong. if your a real tom boy you dont have to roll in the mud to get dirty cause dirt finds you, me and my friends are campin in the back yard through water balloons and do a redneck slip in' slide (i wouldnt expect for any of yall to know what that is) and just be stupid. ride the fourwheelers and golfcart with a battery powered radio blarin' the music on what any station we want. BE STUPID now thats fun

  6. Guest23887828
  7. Guest23113779

    If your anything like me and my friends, (pray your not ;) then you are amazing. First go to the store. Buy LOADS of candy, a remote controlled car, little sock monkey, tape(injeries due to amazing stunts with the car, will have to be fixed)  go to the basement, tape the sock monkey to the car, find a huge object , and luanch it off.(makes hours of fun. eat cheese covered everything. go outside and walk for 3 hours in the woods, build a fort with twigs, carve weapons, hit each other, run each other over,  go roll in the dirt. and for a little extra fun. go to the middle of walmart, sing im a little tea pot super loud, with motions, (wont believe the attention you'll get)


  8. Guest22778438

    tell secrets, spookie stories, climb trees, blind fold someone and make them guess what food their eating, pranks, comody acting, get a camcorder and copy anoying t.v adverts, eat chocolate covered everything

    hope i helped!

  9. Guest22730333

    so this goes out to guest18544659, so while ur watching spy kids while sick on sugar, r u gna be saying, dubba dubba dubba, huh! <-the huh! is throwing up cuz a the sugar. may not be funny but u know, u had to b there!

  10. Guest22485317

    climb trees ride birt bikes

    get dirty whach football

    talk about sports


  11. Guest22433493

    im a tomboy i say grab a pizza pick a cool movie popcorn in your living room play video games play pranks on your brothers and sisters if you dont have any invite your enemy play a prank on them if you dont have one your not a tomboy NOW GET OFF THIS WEBSITE !!!!!!!!! if you not a tomboy

  12. Guest21527162
    will why would tomboys have a sleepover boys dont have sleepovers so why should u? like come on really? arent u wishing u was a boy then why u trying to have a sleepover boys dont!
  13. Guest19487041
    get dirty, climb trees or rocks, ride bikes, horseshoes, basketball and see whose better at it. The most annoying things females do to me is say OMG, put on makeup and constantly check the mirror to see if its still inplace, and sit around just gossiping about people they know. True tomboys like me would rather find something to do and not mind getting hurt. Rock climbing, mt biking, riding my dirt bike, workin on cars, climbing trees, and bonzin the mud are what make me who i am. Hopefully i can teach my daughter to be the same
  14. Guest19487041
    play a sport and make fun on the or cheer on the players... throw food into each others mouth....go on and on about the same topic, most females just make a point and move on, i see guys just joke around more... play an act of destroying something
  15. Guest19331587
    6.why not limbo? 7.Draw in the dark and the other person have to guess what they drew. 8.gossip 9.suck helliom outa ballons
  16. Guest18544659
    easy eat sugar till you are sick and watch spy kids

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