food poisoning and food spoilage?

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difference between food poisoning and food spoilage?

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  1. farishah

     Food spoilage is when food goes bad (ie, starts to rot) and food poisoning is when you eat foods that either has infectious microbes or toxic substances in it which cause you to get sick...

  2. Guest14642541
    I still dont et it??? im confused?!
  3. Fareeha
    The difference between food poisoning and food spoilage is listed below: 1. FOOD POISONING: Food poisoning is an illness, which can start one hour after eating contaminated food, or it may take 48 hours to develop. Symptoms: It usually includes either vomiting or diarrhoea, or both. Food poisoning usually occurs when bacteria have been allowed to grow and multiply in the food. 2. FOOD SPOILAGE: Food is spoiled if it has changed so much that customers do not want to buy it and the chef or cook does not want to cook it. Food can taste good, look good and smell good but still give you food poisoning - bacteria cannot be seen with the human eye. Bacteria grow and multiply very quickly. They grow bigger and then split in two. They can double in numbers every 20 minutes. After two hours, there could be enough bacteria to cause food poisoning.

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