flaky moles

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flaky moles

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  1. Leonardo
    Moles are common growths on the skin that linger harmless and benign. However few of these moles become cancerous. People with lots of moles (more than 20 in number) in their body have greater chances of developing melanoma. Normal moles have smooth surface, well-defined border, symmetrical in shape and do not have more than one color. Moles that look funny and odd among the group deserve special diagnosis that will determine if there are cancerous cells in the mole. If any mole in the group looks different from the rest you should see a health care provider (dermatologist). What kind of moles turn into cancer? Moles called Dysplastic Nevi are potentially innate to become cancerous. However Dysplastic nevi are not cancer until it turned into a melanoma. The tendency is always there but it can be prevented if the person practices sun avoidance. The sun can trigger dysplastic nevi to become cancerous and turn into melanoma. In some instance dysplastic nevi will turn into cancer as a result of genes and heredity. Because d ysplastic nevi resemble cancerous moles, sometime diagnosis can be confusing. The only way to prove of any risk is after the biopsy test is completed. The rise of the number of skin cancer cases in the United States has an alarming rate of increase and people are not well educated to prevent skin cancer in all aspects. It is however encouraged that people should be more aware of the causes of skin cancer and that is too much UV radiation exposure. Because of too much amusements outdoors, people enjoy the fun under the sun and some of them care less of protecting their skin. The best way to prevent sun damage to the skin is by using sun protection factor 15 at least of sunscreen lotion. During summer the fun on the beach, the thrill of the water parks and the wholesome picnics on the park can make people forget about their skin while outdoors causing sunburn on the skin. This could lead to the related fact that the accumulated episodes of sunburn from the past could lead to melanoma in the future. Increased awareness on the part of the humans is important to prevent the rate of skin cancer cases worldwide.

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