five pillars of the criminal justice system in the philippines

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five pillars of the criminal justice system in the philippines

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  1. Guest28043520

     can the criminal justice system stand alone without community? 

  2. Guest27826645

     self explanatory

  3. Guest27809885

    anu poh yung problema ng police sa five pillars ng cjs in english poh ?

  4. Guest25010204

    mag research kayu  ng sa inyu para kayoy matoto...gusto nyo kc makuha nyu ang isang bagay na walang kahirap hirap...

  5. Guest24995999


    Why don't you define it in a brief and concise way of defining what is ask?

    Na nose bleed na me pre!

    Pwede pang tagalog na lang!


  6. Guest24995999

    What on Earth!


    What are your sources ng mga pinasasabi mga mga nag-quote dito?

  7. Guest24949587

    1. Law enforcement- system imposed to deal with the nature of arrest and custody of persons in troubled with law, applying the law (particularly penal laws, i.e. the revised penal code, special penal law such as Dangerous Drug Act, the function and duties of PDEA, etc.) and service as guidance to the public and law enforcement itself.

    2. Prosecution - in criminal law, the government attorney charging and trying the case against a person accused of a crime defined by legal dictionary, system which the government charges a person of a crime committed against the state, persons or property.

    3. Community- A social composition or unit, where an individual is a member thereof; a branch of part of society where people and government establish social link and social order.

    4. Court- group or body of judicial organ task by law to render judgment on issues related to legal disputes, violation  of right, protection of  persons, life, liberty and property and abuses of government or individual, an authority vested by law to pass judgment and impose penalty as provided by law.

    5. Correction- Chastisement by one having authority of a person who has committed some offense, for the purpose of bringing him to legal subjection as defined by legal dictionary, a system of imputing penal laws and penal retribution to offenders of the law, by establishing the manner, matter and method of custody, reformation and rehabilitation of a convicted felon.


    ito po ung mga meaning if you are not satisfy with the answer you can freely look for the meaning and research for a better definition.

    PUP Law student


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  9. Guest24781909

    when we say correction pillar, it doesn't only refer to the institutional form of correction (jail, bucor,penal colonies) coz in the philippines just like other countries, we also have the community-based form of corrections like the Parole and Probation Administration also under the DOJ. In here, the convicted criminals who qualified to stay in the community are given the second chance to be with their families/loved ones and become productive once again, a chance for them to rectify their misdeeds by developing their character. This form of correction is more humane in nature, but sine it is only a privilege, it is only awarded or given to those deserving. DSWD is also one of the non-institutional correction because they also handle youth offenders who also stay in the community.

  10. Guest23357297

    anu po yung best explanation anu po ang ma support sa duty ng pnp?


  11. Guest22844705

    criminal justice system is a machinery used by the society to control and prevent crime. it is the tool of democratic government to protect the people against criminality and other peace and order problem.,,...........


    sa tagalog naman ay ito.......kriminal na sistema ng hustisya ay isang makinarya na ginagamit ng mga lipunan sa control at maiwasan ang krimen. ito ay ang mga kasangkapan ng demokratikong pamahalaan upang maprotektahan ang mga mamamayan laban sa krimen at iba pang mga kapayapaan at kaayusan problema.

  12. Guest22797332

     define criminal justice system?


  13. Guest22766546

    meaning kailangan ko....>_<

  14. Guest22724730

    meaning naman dyan oh... thanks.. :)

  15. Guest22655409

    law en

  16. Guest22619951

    criminal justice system is a machinery used by the society to control and prevent crime. it is the tool of democratic government to protect the people against criminality and other peace and order problem.

  17. Guest22604978

    law enforcement, prosecution,court,correction and community...

  18. Guest22435361

    why court is belong to the 5 pillars of the philippines ?

  19. Guest22435361

    what are the 5 pillars of the philippines ?

  20. Guest22378405

    thats rigth the, community ignored it because paulit ulit lang itong mga kabulukan sa sistema ng pamamalakad.. graft and correction, kailan ba titigil? never ng titigil to,, in fact pala ng palala.. sabi nila sa commercial ikaw ang simula ng pagbabago but look at you, are you doing all of those pagbabago na sinsabi? nope, hindi. hay buhay ng pilipino di na magbabago pa...

  21. Guest21944650

     Each and every single one is broken and will soon crumble under the burden of patronage politics and governance going haywire, bringing the whole system down:

    • Pillar #1 - Law Enforcement: There are very good and well meaning people in the PNP. Some of them are close friends of mine. But, God knows, the whole system is very suspect of protectionism, graft and corruption. How else will the saying exist: "Hayahay pa's pulis."
    • Pillar #2 - Prosecution: (Same as #1. "Hayahay pa's piscal.")
    • Pillar #3 - Coursts: Plain and simple judges and judgements can be bought.
    • Pillar #4 - Corrections: If you have the resources, you'll get your way and do whatever you want to do in the correctionals.
    • Pillar #5 - Community: The community does not care anymore for "legal or illegal". Look around you, there is always something illegal going on - with no fail! The community does not care.
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  23. Guest21828986

    Nandito ang CRI11 :)

  24. Guest21828986

    Nandito ang CRI11 :)

  25. Guest21677020

     1. law enfocer

    2. prosecutor


    4.correctional institution

    5.mobilize community


  26. Guest21637539

     yeah whats the real meaning thanks a lot.

  27. Guest21635817

    noc suptiona

  28. Guest21631181

      Law enforcement or PNP , prosecution , courts , correctional and rehabilitation, community.

                                                             "it's just simple answer"

  29. Guest21347858
    community, law enforcement, prosecution, court, correction
  30. Guest21150851
    1)law enforcement 2)prosecution 3)court 4)correction 5)community
  31. Guest20879769
    wala kwenta mga sagot.. I need is meaning!
  32. Guest20586194
    what is criminal justice system?
  33. Guest20478112
    law enforcement (POLICE) correction, prosecution court community
  34. Guest20455473
    law enforcers/police prosecutor court correction community
  35. Guest19586243
  36. Guest19580059
    law enforcement court correction community prosecution
  37. Guest17122266
    1. law enforcement 2. prosecution 3.court 4.correction
  38. Guest16973536
    PNP law
  39. Guest16973536
    Five pillars of the criminal justice in the philippines
  40. Guest16904538
    apostol, leingel: 1.the police 2.the prosecution 3.the court 4.the correctional institution 5.the community
  41. Guest16692495
    five pillars of the criminal justice in the philippines
  42. Guest16635903
    law enforcement prosecution court correction community
  43. Guest16343812
    law enforcement,courts,correction,community,prosecution
  44. Guest16343812
    law enforcement,courts,correction,community
  45. Guest13287198
    law enforcemet prosecution court correction community
  46. Guest12562778
    1. Law enforcement 2. Prosecution 3. Courts 4. Corrections 5. Community
  47. Guest12196869
    Community, police, courts, prosecution, and correctional.
  48. Guest11542777
    the corrcetional the police the courts cooperation the prosecution

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