Fitting tires on my 2005 Tahoe

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Recently I purchased 2005 Tahoe, and have less knowledge about tire fitting. I want to make some sort of amendments in my Tahoe. Tell me, will P235/70R16 fit on my present P270/70R16 tires that are on my 2005 Tahoe? Please let me know if you have any useful information.

I hope you can give me some good piece of information regarding fitting tires.


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  1. John


    According to my book, your vehicle did not come withP275/70R16s. But because there are several versions of your Tahoe, I cannot tell what you did.

    But - if I remember correctly - on the drivers doorpost will be a placard which will list the original tire size and the proper pressure for that size. It is better to make sure what is the original tire size, as it is the most important factor of all.

    If the tire sizes say P235/70R16, then yes, you can use that. If it says P265/70R16 - which I suspect it does, then, no, you cannot. The load carrying capacity of the smaller size is.....ah......oh.....smaller and going this direction increases the probability of a tire failure. So carefully choose the tire size and make sure it is in accordance with your cars original weight. Otherwise it will become not more than a disaster.

    I am happy to be of your help. Hope you got the answer now, if you have anything in your mind related to tire fixture, than allow me to help you.


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