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The movie is about a woman whos acquaintance falls from a loft and dies, her mother in law blackmails her, tells her she has to leave her husband and son (her husband who is a new upcoming lawyer and small son who also becomes a lawyer) or she (mother in law) will tell the family that she committed murder and disgrace the family. So the woman leaves her family. Years later, after living in poverty, and becoming an alcoholic she kills this guy because he threatens to expose her to her family (he found a picture in a newspaper of she and her family). She is arrested and goes to jail...a lawyer comes to defend her. (Now she is terminally ill) while he is questioning her she realizes that this is her son who she has not seen since he was very small. While he is trying to get facts from her for the case she is asking him questions, do you have a girl friend did you have a good life etc. It is a real teary movie in the end. There was also a remake of this movie with a young woman as the daughter. But I like the first better. Can someone tell me the name of this movie?

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    The movie you are asking about is That "Madame X" which has been remade many times over the years. The most famous version stars Lana Turner and was made in 1966. It's out of print on DVD, but you can purchase a copy from Free Movies on DVD at For more information about all the other versions, please visit the Internet Movie Database at and type Madame X into the first box. Be sure to bookmark the IMDB for future reference. I use it several times a day! Good luck

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