filipino and foreign biologist with contribution

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filipino and foreign biologist with contribution

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    wala ng iba?? kulang eh..


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    uan cu ndi cu cia carry ^^
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    Filipino Biologists * Angel C. AlcalaInvented artificial coral reefs to be used in South East Asia. * Pedro B. Escuro- rice breeding- he developed the dwarf, high-yielding C4 rice varieties. * Edgardo Gomez Research achievements on marine ecosystems Bienvinido O. Juliano At 42, he has already more than a hundred scientific articles mostly published in international journals. * Milagrosa R. Martinez - Pioneering efforts in the development of micro algaculture; - Research in the field of phycology, including ecological studies of NOSTOC COMMUNE and CHLORELLA * Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza Born on August 7, 1947. Research in plant biochemistry. * Quirino O. Navarro The determination of nuclear property in the isotopes of californium, einsteinium and dysprosium using cryogenic techniques. * Baldomero Olivera, Jr. Research in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology. * Asuncion Raymundo Soil Microbiology * Prescillano M. Zamora * Dr. Zamora is recognized for his contributions to plant anatomy-morphology, pteridophyte biology, and the conservation of environment and natural resources policy research. * Cabrera, Benjamin D. M.D., M.P.H. Medical Parasitology and Public Health especially for filariasis and ascariasis * Eduardo Quisimbing He is an expert in medicinal plants. * Carmen Velasquez Discovered 32 species and one new genus of digenetic trematodes FOREIGN BIOLOGISTS (as in outside of the Philippines) * Sydney Brenner (born 1927), British molecular biologist, winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine * Carlos Bustamante (born 1951), American biophysicist, discovered "molecular tweezers" to manipulate DNA * Andrea Cesalpino (1519-1603), Italian botanist * Johann Fischer von Waldheim (1771-1853), German entomologist * Ambrosius Hubrecht (1853-1915), Dutch zoologist * Adolfo Lutz (1855-1940), Brazilian infectologist, pathologist and public health researcher * John Marwick (1891-1978), New Zealand palaeontologist and geologist * Charles Wyville Thompson (1832-1882), Scottish marine biologist * Oswaldo Vital Brazil (1865-1950), Brazilian physician and immunobiologist, discoverer of several antivenoms against snake, scorpion and spider bites * Agustin Stahl (1842-1917), Puerto Rican zoologist and botanist ^_^
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    eduardo quisumbing- was noted experted in the medical plants of the philppines
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    eduardo quismbing
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    hay naku,,,di ko area yan next plss
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    ewan ko hehehehehehehehhehhhh
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    who are the local biologist of twenty-first century?
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    foreign biologist with contribution

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