examples of nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning

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examples of nouns that are plural in form but singular in meaning

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     birt mark



  2. Guest22588549

     sure ba kayo sa mga pinagsasabi ninyo ..

  3. Guest21889547

     fhd yjhjkiu

  4. Guest21607595


  5. Guest21528430
    hello..!everyone..! this are the examples!! species tuberculosis civics philippines acrobatics series news .......................................................................
  6. Guest20560876
    dominoes, mumps, shingles, billiards, darts, pants, scissors... see?! it's so many! why can't you display the answers or examples here??!!
  7. Guest19680780
  8. Guest15614710
    ok everyne read this because this is important i have an example wait f 20
  9. Guest12196298
    Philippines,United States,falls,earnings
  10. Guest11873665
    poat ina nyu
  11. Guest11482147
    news,mathematics,physics,crisis,barracks,gallows,shamles,crossroads,economics ;)
  12. Guest11436153
    mathematics econimcs
  13. Arslan Masaud
    Hello, Ok then check out this link,and-nouns-that-appear-plural-but-are-singular-definition-q23996769 Hope it helps
  14. Arslan Masaud
    hello There is a group of nouns which are plural in form but are singular in meaning – and are used only in the singular, e.g. crossroads (he soon came to a crossroads), gallows, news (this is the 7 o’clock news), shambles (his room is often in a shambles). hope it helps

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