examples of movements showing rhythm

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examples of movements showing rhythm

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Fuzzy Outlines When figures move past us at very high speeds, we perceive that figure as somewhat blurry. This experience leads us to interpret blurry or indistinct outlines as conveying motion. Multiple Image Similarly, showing multiple overlapping images gives us the impression of motion. We can see that the person or figure has moved through a series of poses. Optical Movement In optical movement, the eye is forced to move around the picture dynamically in order to see all the different elements. Optical movement can be enhanced by curved forms that keep your eyes moving in a circular pattern throughout the picture. Optical Illusions Certain optical illusions based on the repetition of geometric forms will cause your eye to produce motion where none is present. This picture really seems to move, doesn't it? Rhythm and Movement Rhythm refers to the way your eye moves throughout a picture. Some pictures move you throughout in a connected, flowing way much like a slow, stately rhythm in music. Other pictures move you from one place to another in an abrupt, dynamic way much like a fast, staccato rhythm in music will give you the impression of movement. Rhythm in art is created by the repetition of elements. Similarity of elements, or flowing, circular elements will give a more connected flowing rhythm to a picture, while jagged, or unrelated elements will create a more unsettling, dynamic picture.

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