examples of idiomatic expressions with meaning and sentence

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I am looking for a compact definition of idiomatic expressions in English language. Please, help me get a detailed information on the use of idiomatic expressions in English language.

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     "keep a level head"


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    my name is pia nieto, i was here, coz idiomatic expression is my project i am in grade 5


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     drop someone a line -to write to someone=)

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  12. Mitchel

    Idiomatic expressions are commonly used in English language, they perform an informal purpose in English language. Interesting thing about idioms is that, they convey a different meaning from the meaning of the words in the expression. Here, are some examples of commonly used idiomatic expressions in English language:

    tickled pink: They were tickled pink, after listening the good news.
    hands down: They gave a hands down performance in the musical show.
    down in the dumps: I am feeling down in the dumps, after i heard about my mom's sickness.

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    hit the jackpot

    meaning :  Be very lucky or successful .

    Example : She hit the jackpot when she learned she won in the national essay writing contest.

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     The speech that the president delivered at the meeting brought down the house

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     20 Common Idiomatic Expressions
    & Their Meanings

    1. She was tickled pink by the good news.

    Made very happy
    2. You were hands down the best player on the team.

    There was no competition
    3. I've been feeling pretty down in the dumps lately.

    Sad or depressed
    4. I'm feeling sick as a dog!

    Very sick
    5. I've been feeling under the weather.

    Not well
    6. Rise and shine!

    Wake up and be happy!
    7. Close, but no cigar.

    You were very close, but you did not make it.
    8. I could play outside till the cows come home.

    For a very long time
    9. Wow! It's raining cats and dogs out there!

    Very hard rain
    10. That sound is driving me up the wall!

    Making me very annoyed
    11. This assignment is a piece of cake.

    Very easy
    12. Although he broke the rules, he was only given a slap on the wrist.

    A mild punishment
    13. Yikes! This shirt costs an arm and a leg.

    It is extremely expensive.
    14. No, I was just pulling your leg.

    Just joking
    15. It's Greek to me!

    I don't understand.
    16. Keep your chin up.

    Be happy.
    17. Hold your horses.

    Be patient.
    18. We're all in the same boat.

    All of us are in the same position.
    19. He's a bit of a loose cannon.

    20. I will clean my room when pigs fly.


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     keep your chin up........

  22. Guest22532780

     couch potato..haha

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     walls have ears

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    <p>blow your top- to lose your temper ....... at isa pa wag nga kayo mag badwords nakakasama yan sa bata aq bata pa lng aq kya dont ever do that again...</p>

  26. Guest22506501

    blow your top- to lose your temper ....... at isa pa wag nga kayo mag badwords nakakasama yan sa bata aq bata pa lng aq kya dont ever do that again...

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    stick to one!!!

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    barrel of laughs


  36. Guest22234578

    all ears - to listen intently

  37. Guest22223262

     i love man - i love him

  38. Guest22220659

     weak pa kayo

    dota na lang

  39. Guest22208480

     green eyed monster -jealous 

  40. Guest21827903

    hit the hay is one of the idiomatic expresion

  41. Guest21697260

    wag nga kayung ganyan..

  42. Guest21672828

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  44. Guest20947641
    idiomatic expression..
  45. Guest20874422
  46. Guest20526998
    cool as cucumber - no problem bad egg - irresponsible bread and butter - material needs crying over spilt milk - worrying got butterflies - to feel nervous to die for - extremly pretty
  47. Guest19973306
    from a to z
  48. Guest19930780
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  49. Guest19668071
  50. Guest19571847
    hit the sack meaning-to go to bed ex. when you hit the sack,you go to bed
  51. Guest19516630
    oh no
  52. Guest19501613
    sent off
  53. Guest18028603
    take a photograph
  54. Guest17531637
    nail in the coffin
  55. Guest17325877
    break a leg - wish someone good luck apple of my eye - favorite or like
  56. Guest17131353
    keep the ball rolling
  57. Guest17085394
    dog days - extremely hot days dark horse - not known candidate eureka - i have found it! un lng mga alam ko eh......
  58. Guest16983063
    i don't know
  59. Guest16129089
    hard of hearing-a bit deaf
  60. Guest16088172
    raining cats and dogs
  61. Guest16066530
    a piece of cake
  62. Guest15972961
    Cake’s not worth candles the
  63. Guest15872390
    raining cats and dogs
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    10 idiomatic expression

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