examples of common words used by muslim peoples

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examples of common words used by muslim peoples

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  1. Guest21382264
    they use brother ans sister as a show of respect and in islam we are all brothers and sisters.

  2. Guest11051160
    Adhan - Call to prayer. Ahlul-Kitaab - "People of the Book" (qur'anic term for Jews & Christians). Akhirah - The day of judgment. Al-Fatiha - The first Surah in the Qura'an. Al-Jannah - "The Garden"; paradise. Allah - God. Al-Quds - "The Holy"; Jerusalem. Al-Saum - The fast. Arafat - A famous place of pilgrimage, south-east of Makkah. 'Asr - Afternoon prayer. Ayat - Verses, proofs, evidences, lessons, signs, revelations. Caliph - Imam or muslim ruler. Dawah - Dissemination of the message of Islam; invitation to become a muslim. Deen - Faith. Eid Al-Adha - The four day celebration starting on the tenth day of Dhul-Hijja (the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar. Eid Al-Fitr - The three day celebration breaking the fast of Ramadan. Fajr - Dawn (before sunrise) prayer. Fatwa - Islamic ruling. Hadith - Report of a statement or action of the Prophet Hady - Animal sacrificed by the pilgrim during Hajj. Hajj - (Major) pilgrimage. One of the five pillars of Islam. The pilgrimage to Makkah is required of every able Muslim at least once in a lifetime. Halal - Lawful or permissible. Haram - Unlawful or forbidden. Hijab - "Covering." Hijra - To leave one area and move to another, to emigrate.
  3. Guest11050425
    Brother, every time they talk to each other they tend to use the word brother a lot "how are you brother", "excuse me brother" Sister: they refer to all females as sister

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