example of anecdote

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A day when everything went wrongggg

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    Several businessmen from various countries were travelling in cruise ship when a storm struck. The captain told his mate to tell theh businessmen not to worry. But the storm did not abate and instead worsened. The ship's hull was damged and water was pouring in. With only a few minutes left before the whole ship would be beneath the waves the capteain manned the lifeboats and told the mate to go in nad request all the individuals to jump. The mate went in and fruitlessly requested all to jump. The mate came back and said it was futile as they all refused. The captain told the mate to hold the boat and wait until I come back. The captain went in and then returned with a big smile on his face; "they  all jumped!". The mate astounded, asked how did he do that?

    Easy said the captain, " I told the english to jump was ethical and he jumped, the arabian it was bravery and he jumped, the Indian it was money and he jumped, the French it was Chic and he jumped, the russian it was revolutionary and he jumped, the Italian it was prohibited and he jumped, the Chinese....."

    "Hang on, hang on" said the mate, "what did you say to the American?" asked the mate.

    The captain smiled wider, "I told him he was insured!"

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    plz help me ..can you give another examples of an anecdote and narrative essay?..

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    Three men sat at a table in a seaside cafe in France. One was an American, the other was an Englishman, and the third was a Scotsman. Each man ordered a cup of coffee, but the three were in such an animated conversion that for a while they forgot about their coffee. when the three were about to drink their coffee, each saw a fly floating in it.

    "Darn it!" the American said, throwing the whole cup away.

    "Blimey!" the Englishman exclaimed carefully snooping out the fly.

    The Scotsman picked up the fly in his coffee, crushed it dry over the cup, and drank his coffee.

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    har har
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    Madali niyang natutunan ang abakada (isang kawili-wiling anekdota sa buhay ni Jose Rizal) Isang umaga, kaming mag-anak ay nag-aagahan. Si Pepe noon ay may gulang na dalawang taon lamang. Sinabi niya sa aming ina na nais niyang matutong bumasa ng abakada. Datapuwa't ang tugon ni Ina'y hindi pa sapat ang taglay niyang gulang upang matupad ang gayong hangarin. Si Pepe'y nagpumilit kaya't sandal munang ipinakilala sa kaniya ni Ina ang bawa'titik. Hindi siya tumigil sa pagkilala sa mga titik at manaka-naka ay angangailangan siyang magtanong. Pagkatapos ng mga dalawang oras, ang lahat ng titik ng abakada ay natutuhan niyang basahin. Kaming magkakapatid, pati ng aming mga magulang, ay labis na namangha sa gayong katalinuhan ni Pepe.
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