ex bf didn't send me anything on valentine's day

by Guest20871630  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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Hi, my ex boyfriend didn't send me anything on valentine's day, I want to have some opinions on this. What should I do now, please help.

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  1. Guest28125959

     well im in same boat. my ex wife has given me anything for several years now. whats up with that. i know how you feel.



  2. Jeani McMorland

    He's your EX-boyfriend.  He shouldn't have to send you ANYTHING!!!  The key word here is EX!!!!

  3. Guest23312973

    I think the key word here is "Ex-boyfriend".  Move on with your life and quit worrying about the "Ex".  He is responsible for his life, you for yours.

  4. Guest23312199

    well if u two broke up why should he give u anything? unless u are still friends he has no reason to. if u 2 were still dating then that would be something but he's not ur bf so he doesnt have to give u anything.

  5. kate

    After this type of attitude it seems that he is longer interested in you, so it is better that you also forget him .additionally it is suggested that that you should not spend Valentine’s Day alone. If you have work then go into work; if you do not have any engagement then make plans with your friend or family members. After a break up, the busy routine you had before the break up, doesn’t seem that significant .You immediately feel like you have more time on your hands then previously. This opens the door to a thousand and one reminders of your ex boy friend which haunt you day in and day out, although it’s true that you have to handle with the sadness and not easy to push it aside. But that doesn’t mean that you wallow in it. Here are some suggestions that will keep you busy with, hope you will benefit from them:
    • Go for a movie and don’t forget popcorn!
    • Plan to watch a complete TV series on DVD
    • Play Nintendo wii, Xbox Live try some other of online games.
    • Spend time with your favorite music and dance!
    • Search silly videos on Youtube
    • Try to sing few songs if you can
    • Plan out some physical activities in order to keep you busy after a break up
    • Paint you bed room
    • Go for a walk in the park
    • Go to the gym for a exercises
    • Plan swimming activities

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