employment exchange renewal time lapsed. what is the procedure to renew now

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8ight months lapsed.registration done at santhome, Tamil nadu. Whatis the procedure to renew. Can i register the certificate issued by NFDC for short term ' Non-linear edition"

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  1. Guest27900066

     Dear Sir, i have registered my Bsc bed {maths} on25/52005 and the employment registration lapsed on25/5/2001 and the regn.. no Is 2005f01628  in coimbatore exchange. is there any procedure to renew back again . plese guide me. sincerly A.gowri



  2. Guest21192562
    I have renewed up to 2005, in Kanchenjunga and my number is W/3949/93, is there any way to renew it now. please guide me in this regards. Sincerely B. Dhanalakshmi
  3. Guest19878537
    Dear sir, I have registered my B.Sc(Agri) on 30.06.2006 and the employment registration lapsed on 30.06.2009. Regn. no.: 2006F13432 Please clear my following doubts. 1.I want to know the list of documents/certificates to be carried to employment office for renewal. 2. if i wish to renew by post, what are the necessary documents to be sent in post. please guide me in this regards Regards P.K.Kaliammal
  4. Guest19102786
    my renewal date is expired,how can i renewal the old one,kindly help me.i have registered in chennai.

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