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Our scheduled flight supposed to be on the 20th of this month @ 18h50 but due to unavoidable circumstances, we opted to rebook on the 27th. Please do let us know if there were 02 seats available and how to rebook online

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  1. Guest28135968

     Good day,My schedule flight supposed to be on the June 10,2014.EK 825..i want to rebook on the month of May 1- 15th day,,,if their is available or chance???.and i'm asking of how much for rebooking or their is a payment for first timer for rebooking and where is exactly location do i have to go to make my reebooking of my schedule? My name is Rolando Manubay Arcales.thank you and more power.

  2. Guest28124562

     can someone send my flight details? i have my ticket number but i dont have the fligths details. with ticket #017621766003262 feb 2 from manila to dubai. thanks..dominador bruel jr..kindly send to in advance

  3. Guest28121294

     i want to rebook my ticket from january 30, 2014 to january 15, 2014..and how much i should pay for rebooking a new flight schedule? 

    Thank uou, 


  4. ccmalls41


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  5. Guest28059630

     good day, may flight was supposed to be yesterday,but due to unavoidable circumstances i did not catch my flight at 6:50 pm. I am an OFW and my ticket was paid by my employer, how can I rebook my flight to dubai the soonest possible time

  6. Guest28038121

    Hi, my friend missed her flight from Manila to Dammam Saudi Arabia yesterday due to unavoidable circumstances. How an I rebook her online.Thanks!

  7. Guest23284725

    My scheduled flight supposed to be on MAY 1,2011 but due to unavoidable circumtances ,i want to rebook my flight schedule to 6th MAY 2011.Please do let me know if there is available seat and how to rebook online.My name is LARRY M.SALVADOR.

  8. Guest22757451

    my flight these coming feb.28,2011 at 11:25 pm  from doha qatar to dubai and from  dubai to philippines, i already paid the roundtrip ticket from feb.28 to may 5, 2011, but i want to return earlier than may 5, IT IS POSSIBLE TO REBOOK MY TICKET and HOW MUCH PENALTY? ...MY NAME IS DEN.


  9. Guest22497003

    My scheduled flight supposed to be on the 21th of Jan, 0020hr,via EK335  but due of delayed the renewal of my passport. I would ask a favor to open my tiket until I dont have the final date the releasing of my new passport, Please let me know if i need to visit your ofc,and if there is penalty that I have to pay. My name is MARIA LOIDA WENK FLORES Etiket:/1762103011297

  10. Guest22431533

    I want to rebooked my ticket to the soonest flight for please answer soon

  11. Guest22094865


  12. Guest19999819
    Rebooking my flight on August 05,2010,Joy G. Mercado,Flight No. EK 333
  13. Guest19069588
    helo gud day....amm i want to rebook my flight bcuz i miss my flight from yestrday 28 i want to reschedule it....
  14. Guest18523833
    my flight is tomorrow may 5, 2010 at 5am, iwant to rebook my ticket atn 5 pm is it possible, or any available flight in the afternoon.
  15. Guest18246932
    My scheduled flight supposed to be on the 11th of May @ 00h20 via EK335 but due to unavoidable circumstances, I opted to rebook on the 12th of May @ 16h50 via EK333. Please do let me know if there is seat available and how to rebook online. My name is Analeah Gavileno Bolivar Eticket:EK/ETKT 176 9703377067.

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