Emergency first aid for slow leaks in tires.

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I have a very nice little pump that I keep in the garage to add air to my tires. It must be plugged into the a.c. outlet. I would like to be able to add air away from home when it is needed & no pump is handy. Should I buy a 2nd pump that operates from the 12 v accessory outlet of the car or look for some kind of inverter? What is the smart thing to do? Do you have any experience in that? Can someone give me any good suggestion? I am really looking forward for an expert opinion. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks for the time.

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    Hey there, I had the same problem but as long as it do not overload the electrical circuit for this type of machine, I usually recommend getting one where you can hook it up to your battery by connecting the clamps on the battery posts and it hardly takes energy away from your battery but I would have it running always just in case so it can stay charged up like it should. You are going on right direction but beware of upcoming tire troubles in the future. That is all what I have experienced. Try the technique I have mentioned here. By that way you can save more energy in it. I hope that I have cleared a lot in this regard. Best of luck with this


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