Elvis's pet chimpanzee "scatter.

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I have heard that Elvis had a chimpanzee named scatter, when and how did he get that chimpanzee, can anyone tell me about his chimpanzee.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    In early 60’s, a 40 pound Memphis Mafia was bought by Elvis and he bought from the performer who performed on a Memphis children show. Scatter was a wild animal and although most of the chimpanzee are wild but they are trained in a certain environment to behave well with people and the monkey of Elvis was just not that kind of social animal, he often created havoc when released , it started attacking people and other persons at a gathering. But after some training by Alan Fortes Scatter was able to behave well and tried to follow everything that is being taught to him. There was an event where Elvis bit a member of Memphis Mafia and everyone tried to put him back into his cage but no one succeeded in doing so. Then Elvis talked to the Scatter and yelled at him and said in an angry voice that you should better get downstairs into the cage and next time you better not bite anyone.

    Then facing towards the floor and his hand tied up at the back the chimpanzee moved down to the stairs into his cage through the basement. It was a hilarious moment for Elvis and he laughed looking at him. There were times when Elvis bought Scatter out when girls were feeling comfortable and yelling boys let him out. Alan trained scatter for a long time and he was trained to behave well with ladies.

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