What is the structure of rooms inside Graceland?

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I like to know about the construction of Graceland and its interior design, how are the rooms designed inside the mansion and what is the floor plan of the building?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Graceland is a popular mention and it was also one of the homes of Elvis Presley in the city of Memphis in the state of Tennessee. It is located in Elvis Presley Boulevard in the Whitehaven. It was later open for the public on June 7, 1982. The mansion is constructed with a special limestone which is known as tan limestone. There eight bedrooms and baths in it. In total there are twenty three rooms. There are two pierced lion on both side of the entrance and also there are wind column on the way which leads to the castle. There were lot of modifications which were made by Elvis in the building as there is a famous “Jungle room” which has famous waterfall and there are some alteration which are made along its sides. The extensive modifications include a wrought iron gate, a swimming pool, a racquetball court. Jungle room is a place where Elvis recorded his final two albums , as Moody Blue was also recorded there.
    There was an addition of Meditation Garden where parents of Elvis, Gladys and Vernon were buried. This garden was opened for the public in 1978.
    Mark Miller told that the Graceland became home and also organization for the Presley himself. Some of the rooms in the Graceland represent the quirkiness and brilliance of art and design. The TV room is in the basement where Elvis once had three TV close to each other.

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