What was the first album of Elvis Presley?

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Elvis sung many songs and later he also went to Hollywood to record his other albums and new songs for movies but what is the name of his first album that he released?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Elvis Presley is the first album which was released by Elvis Presley. It was released in March 1956 in RCA Victor. It was recorded on January 10 and January 11 at the RCA recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee on January 30th and in RCA Recording studios in New York it was released on 31st January. The album remained on top of the charts for ten weeks and retained the number 1 spot on Billboard Top Pop albums in the year 1956. It was the first album that lied in the category of Rock and Roll and to top the charts. It also set the record of hitting the one million mark for rock and roll. The magazine Rolling Stone also declared it as one of the top 100 best selling albums and in its chart the album hit the mark of 55 amongst the other 500 albums.
    Elvis Presley album was also known by some authors as album you must hear before you die. The songs of this first album are:
    Blue Suede Shoes
    I am Counting on you
    I have got a women
    One sided Love affair
    I love you because
    Just because
    Tutti Fruitti
    Trying to Get to You
    I am gonna sit right down and cry
    I ‘ll never let you go
    Blue Moon
    Money Honey

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