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I have been assigned by a project which includes creation few web pages involving elementary Peachtree templates and I need some Peachtree templates for it. Can you tell me where I can easily get Peachtree templates on the internet? If anyone has any information on resources which might help me to get some good Peachtree templates please help me in this search. Thanks!

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  1. SAP

     Searching for a Peachtree template is not easy as there are not many resources available distinctively; however there are ways of research which can be employed to save some time. There are few options which make things easier for you and the editable templates can work wonders.

    One way is to search for these templates on some online forums related to accountancy and Peachtree. Tips from professionals on these forums can be handy to further simplify things for you in solving problems in various formatting problems or customizing the templates according to your needs. Thus, some expert accountants and professionals can really help you out to find good deal of Peachtree templates.

     Some of these useful forums include Accountant forums and Sage Peachtree Accounting. You can find different invoice, comparison, payroll reports, order entry journals and email invoice templates which may be useful for you.

    You can also find solutions from accountancy school and college forums, where students work and research about this software and actually use it extensively in their studies. Also, various manuals can be found from the software selling sites, as exemplary templates. If you further need specific answers here is some links which might help you in your search:

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