How to Buy Directly From Companies to sell on eBay?

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Hello everyone, I have been selling on ebay for quite some time and made good money with it too. I used to buy items on retail to sell on eBay and so the profit percentage has not really been too good. I feel if I buy from companies directly on wholesale rate I can make more money and it is legal too. Can someone please guide me how can I do so. How do I buy directly from companies?

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  1. Guest23283467

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  2. Danial

    It’s great to hear that you have made good money on eBay while buying things on retail even. For most of the people buying on retail is not profitable at all as I know. Well, I can guide you on how to buy directly from companies.
    You will need to contact their sales department. Search on Google for the company name, i.e. “Company’s official website” etc. If it exists, it’s great to write a mail to the sales department, showing your consent that you want to become their affiliate or retailer. They would certainly be glad to make you their reseller.
    Secondly if there is no official website, you will need to check yellow pages to fine their postal address or telephone number. Better is to call them first and take an appointment from sales department. Talking to them in person will be simply the best idea, but you must have stats with you to convince them, else it might not be that useful! You’ll a good budget to buy in bulk by the way!

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