Earths Radius and curvature.

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I want to know about earth geographically , its size and its importance with regards to the other planets, Can anyone tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There is no single value to determine the radius off earth as it is not perfectly spherical. There are several different ways of remodeling the Earth which shows us the radius of 6371 km. Radius is defined and used for the objects which have perfect spheres but since earth does not has any perfect sphere so in this case the radius of sphere means distance from some center of the Earth to a point on the idealized surface. It can also refer to some kind average distance. It can also mean that radius of sphere whose curvature matches to the curvature of the earth at a certain point.
    Eratosthenes gave the first estimation of radius of the earth. Each radius is the unit of distance in astronomy and geology. Although it moves around a sphere but due to the density variations and tidal force cause it to deviate from the sphere. The way we describe the earth should be simpler as compared to the extensive procedures involved in it. At a specific point on curvature of Earth radius can be calculated. Just like a torus the curvature will be highest in the North-South direction of earth while it is smallest on the East West part of the Earth. There is a distance at the horizon where the equator is slightly shorter in the North-South direction as compared to the East-West Directions.

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