eBay Japan in English?

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Please tell me how to get eBay Japan in English. Is it available in English language?

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  1. Guest23155289

    Is there an "eBay auction website" in Japan?
    Actually, there used to be an "eBay Japan" auction website in english that started in 2001 but eBay has closed this website in March 2002. At present, Yahoo Japan Auctions is the largest auction website in Japan.
    ow to bid on Yahoo Japan Auctions?
    Since most Japanese sellers will not deal with bidders from outside of Japan, it's a good idea to use an intermediary service that will deal with the seller on your behalf.
    At this point, you can use JAUCE.COM website to place your bids in "very" real-time and they will do the rest to ship the items to your home.
    This way, you can enjoy Japanese online auctions from the comfort of your own home and pay them through PayPal.


  2. Guest23093299

    I believe the lady wants to post an item on e-bay Japan and needs the entire site to be in English.  I, too, need that option.  I want to post something on E-Bay Japan that would be of great interest to Japanese history buyers but I don't speak Japanese.  This would be a great option for all E-bay country sites.  I just posted something relevant to Italians on the E-Bay Italy site.  It wasn't easy because I don't speak Italian but I got the job done.  E-Bay could make the world a lot smaller by giving all of their foreign sites an option for English like many sites do.


  3. Mitchel

    eBay stores selling Japanese products, are in English language, as they target wider international customers, therefore English language is used as the medium of communication on these eBay stores. You can easily access one through this online source:

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