How can I hit the backhand drop shot in badminton?

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I want to know that how I can hit the backhand drop shot in badminton. Can someone please tell me about it? Hope you can tell me.

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  1. Judi

    Badminton is well known and famous game around the world. Several shots played in badminton. In badminton, Drop shots are very fragile and can help you earn points to win the game. If you execute them well and at the right time your opponent will not ever observe them coming and will be fully completed flung off balance. You can make these shots by means of several divergent techniques. For making a backhand drop shot, you must develop your backhand grip.
    Then position your body in proper way and your back is facing the net of badminton. Situate your weight of body on your racket foot. Then pull your arm ahead from the shoulder and observe that your forearm is parallel to the floor. Set the position of your racket and the position of your body and the head of the rocket in the downward location. Set your arm and elbow with close to your body.
    Make a better contact of your body with shuttle in front position and as elevated up as you can reach. Then reducing the speed of your racket after hitting the shuttle. Your racket face must be in the direction where you want the shot to go. And direct your shot by angling your racket. Then get back your body to the base position of badminton.


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