Driveshafts functions in the 1979 Ford car.

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I want to know about the Driveshaft function in the car and also looking fro some options regarding driveshaft such as( C-6,F-100,C-6, F-100)

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  1. Tom Reeds

    A drive shaft is component placed under the body of the car which is used to transmit the power that engine produces which is also known as torque to the wheels. It is an important component or part in the vehicles body since the components of the engine cannot directly transmit power to the wheels of the car and as obvious the engine has some distance from the wheels also and to connect between the engine and wheels driveshaft is important. They are built very strong since they have to bear a lot of weight and support lot of power. The movement of power of the engine to the driveshaft is not always smooth, since it depends upon the driver who drives the car, sometime more power is produced and it has a strong impact on the shaft so it is built very strong. There are some strong jaws which consist of Universal joints and different jaw couplings to allow and support the power of supporting variations and alignment between the driving components.
    There are different driveshafts of different types of Ford which are given below.
    There is 1 Piece driveshaft for 4x4 or 2 wheel drive cars
    1330 Series which costs 368$ and the shipping charges will be included in it depending upon the location.
    1350 Upgrade which costs 383$ and the shipping charges will be included in it depending upon the location.
    There is another range of driveshaft for Ford Explorer for AWD and 2WD. It is 100 % new with shipping included for $429. This is OE type it is can be fitted directly. The length has to be known in order to get it welded on the tube. There are Aluminum Driveshafts also which work 100% and also have and provide a guarantee.

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