Dr. cooks garden with Bing Crosby.

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Hello, my father always brings up this Bing Crosby movie Dr. Cooks garden but cannot seem to find it on video. I would love to be able to get this for him for Christmas but do not know if it is even on video or where to buy it at. Do you know about this? Can you tell give me any relevant information about this movie? I would really appreciate the help from your side.

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    A young doctor returns to his New England home town after a long absence. He visits with the town's kindly old physician, Dr. Cook, a man he has admired since childhood. However, he soon finds out that the old doctor isn't quite what he seems to be, and the young doctor finds his life in danger.
    Bing Crosby acts Dr. Cook, a low town physician with a little something to hide. Outwardly gentle and compassionate, Cook is less politely sloped towards those within his Vermont settlement whom he respects as disposable. When a young man (Frank Converse) whom Cook has elevated as a son earnings towards the settlement, he initiates towards doubt that his father-figure is holding secrets. The young man learns that the nice Doctor has been murdering those patients whom herespects as useless, and otherwise burying the victims within his meticulously kept garden. Made for television, Dr. Cook's Garden was accustomed from a Broadway play via Ira Levin, within which Burl Ives starred within the title role.
    You can find the copy of this film on these following links; and

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