What does 'dog eats dog' mean in Latin?

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I have my question regarding a phrase which is stated in Latin language. The original sentence being canis canem edit, but upon translation word to word in English, it comes out to be dog eats dog, which does not seem to be making a lot of sense. For this reason I would like to know that what does this mean beside dog eats dog.

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  1. Guest24993222

    This is an English idiomatic phrase, too.  Dogs like other predatory animals will kill and eat their own and not just out of desperation [trying to take a share of meat out of the hierachical structure can result in an animal being killed and eaten even when there is fresh meat].  While some might gloss this to mean "Survival of the fittest."  in a Darwinian sense; I would prefer a gloss of "Survival of the most cruel."

    If you are still unclear how cruel animalistic behaviour applies to humanity [or our lack thereof], might I suggest listening to the track Dogs from Pink Floyds' album Animals.

  2. Harry

     Most of us have this belief that some words, phrases and words in other languages will have the same meaning when they will be translated into English. As far as the words are concerned there is a possibility that the meaning in English could possibly be the same as the word in any other language. However, when the words would become phrases and they are to be translated, then the meaning that comes out is totally different as it was thought to be. This means that the phrases cannot be exactly translated in a way that they make the same sense as in case of the sense it seems to be making in the other language. Now if we talk about the Latin phrase, it says canis canem edit. Now if we try to translate this into English, the meaning comes out to be dog eats dog. As this does not make sense, so it is clear that this phrase must be having some other meaning. If we think closely, the meaning of the Latin phrase in English is Survival of the Fittest.

  3. Guest4692872
    canis canem edit

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