does justin drew bieber have a facebook

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does justin drew bieber have a facebook

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  1. Guest24966024

    yes he does its like justy drew but idk ur welcome :))

  2. Guest21896669

    my nem is  alex  i hung fun 1  your muisc

    and you my best friend  yes or no

  3. Guest21845683

     theres many many many people there name's justin bieber or justin drew bieber and i don't know who the real of them????

  4. Guest21694984

     I heard it's

    His status says it all  (; . Add him ! (:
  5. Guest20649011
    does he....plz tell me guest16047367
  6. Guest20255978
    i dont know if he has a facebook because of all the posers, for instance I am friends with three justin Biebers, a Bieber Justin and a Justy Drew Bieber on facebook. I dont thinkthere is a way to be sure unless you ask him!
  7. Guest20241195
    Guest16047367 i cant find him plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how , i looooooove him so much , i'll wait ur answer
  8. Guest19745648
    he does. but he only adds people he knows:] and there is a fan page: and some people say that on his fb hisname is Justin Time:]
  9. Guest19161129
    @Guest16047367: i din find u send me d link?!?!?!
  10. Guest17339957
  11. Guest17200999
    duh he does peace out
  12. Guest16424230
    this is bullshit! OK!
  13. Guest16047367
    Yes Justin drew bieber does have facebook and it is the real one. The account has pictures never seen on the internet before and information about where he is which is correct, like coming out of the gmtv studios which the other Justin drew bieber accounts said different. Also on this account was a addy for msn which was the real one because people had been on webcam and video chat with him 9including me)this account is the real one and he is called Justtinn Drew Bieber and has a picture of him shooping holding some chocolate i can gaurrantee this is the real one. hope you add him xx
  14. Guest16015940

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