does justin bieber have msn? i want it !!!! :) :) x*x

by Guest15926090  |  9 years, 9 month(s) ago

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i want it !!!! :) :) x*x

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  1. Guest22575114

     he goes on cam its it leaked on his twitter a while back :P

  2. Guest22485157

    f*** you justin bieber and i`m the fan of the person who throw you the bottle

  3. Guest22485157

    f*** you justin bieber and i`m the fan of the person who throw you the bottle

  4. Guest22470214

     what da f***?

    well this site has so many opinions

  5. Guest22461329

    U got to admit he has some songs that are pretty rubish but he has some awsome songs. jb is not on msnand if he did he wouldnt have his name because he would all you saddo's adding him so his email if he had one would be something you wouldnt think of. you lot are saddo's.

  6. Guest22395188

     f**k geezus he doesn`t have a messenger nad if he have it why he took tha annoyance to add them its emm.. whit no sense maybe yes he had but how can him talk with all tha justin bieber fans its imposible it just can be possbie if he have a person ho helps no one like 12 or 13 to help he 

  7. Guest22394924

    Hi justin my addie is i live in liverpool and im your biggest fan ever i am trying to get tickets for your uk tour but i think they are all sold out because your so great your the best singer ever the hottest guy ever and my fsavourite popstar IN THE WORLD!!! LOVE U JBXXX

    remember add me


  8. Guest22391968

     oh geezus of they say justin bieber have messenger why he have like 3 or 4 messenger dont be inmature please he doesnt have this is real life

  9. Guest22198650

    is it really justin bieber addie
    plz reply xx

  10. Guest21360829
  11. Guest21019765
  12. Guest20527108
    heyy im such a big fan of justin bieber, if any one says tht he cnt sing and sounds like a 4 year old, ill come and knock you out and then knife you i know none of you are saying that, but if theres any haters that say they hate him, I'll knock you out cos he does not sound like a 4 year old or a girl so i dunno whyy they are f*****g taking the p**s... Any way it's
  13. Guest20249750
    omg i love justin bieber so mutch but what would you do if u saw him 1. run over to him and hig him 2. give him a kiss on the cheek and a hug him 3. walk to him and hug him 4. walk past him? i would give him a kiss on the cheek and a hug and of course i would get a picture and a otograph xx my msn addy is
  14. Guest20194567
    yes he does i am a friend NOT KIDDING!!!!
  15. Guest20152614
    i don't know...... 'cause im asking you.....
  16. Guest20041762
    Aye Guys What Up? This Is Justin Bieber Add Me On My Msn :)
  17. Guest19899633
    yes he does i know his real real one if u want it ask me then ill give u it ok bye have a nice summer
  18. Guest19783698
    Okaii pplz, i've been on webcam with JB, and thats NOT his MSN!!! anyone can fake webcam and put justin bieber there through manycam and all that, i've seen it all before, but how i know i have the real justin is because when i was on webcam with him, i said to him, blow me a kiss, and he did, and i asked him to sing for me, and he did, thats how i know he's real, and if u want his MSN, it's p.s.. plz don't be rude to him or anythink, fankoo(: xxxxxxxxx
  19. Guest19736328
    you lot are all talking rubbish???
  20. Guest19617659
    no his msn is .I Was On Webcam with him he told me i must be his biggest fan because all my room is done up of him also he had ask me out and gave me his number I Love You Justin Bieber Biggest No Matter What Any1 Says !
  21. Guest19539595 ive been told but i dunnaa.. wish i did (y) iloveyouu soooooo much justin numberr 1 faan !!! <3 <3
  22. Guest19331424
    omg i love you justin if you have a msn put
  23. Guest19239880
    its not i tried it and it dont work who u foolin (xx love u justin)
  24. Guest19065408
    yes but no-one noes what it is....sept him and his friends and famliey!!
  25. Guest18847137
    does he have msn
  26. Guest18804371
    hello friend i am a shoe and clothing wholesaler here big big discount good quality and nice price and best service waiting for ur reply
  27. Guest18751936
    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! justin bieber i"m princess
  28. Guest18722158 XD if u want him..... OMG and Justin I LOVE U I WANNA GO TO OUR HOME;P but my house is in stuppit utrecht in holland:S
  29. Guest18453320
  30. Guest18140194
    Im Ur Number 1 Fan No Matta Wat. I No Everythin Bout u
  31. Guest18044979
    yes its
  32. Guest18026959
    i love you bieber
  33. Guest18015429
    ur u ppl sure thats his MSN (
  34. Guest17927139
    hiyaa justin bieber if you have msn add this i hope you have msn fingers crossed and i am your number 1 fan?xx member
  35. Guest17909912
    yes he does and i know as im his freind it is
  36. Guest17885109
  37. Guest17288111
  38. Guest17288111
    talk to me peeps.
  39. Guest17288111
    YES. HE IS CUTE(HOTT)ALTHOUGH I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IT IS. i love u justin bieber!!
  40. Guest17288111
  41. Guest17202160
  42. Guest17132454
    justin bieber add me ;
  43. Guest16985092
    heyy justin do you have msn please ?:) x
  44. Guest16941076
  45. Guest16940193
  46. Guest16184757

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