does justin bieber have a moshi monster and if he does whats the owner name please tell me

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does justin bieber have a moshi monster and if he does whats the owner name please tell me

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  1. Guest27522762

    Yes his name is:   justy_boo

    Selena Gomez:   sel-marie    or     selly_jelly1

    Noah Cyrus:      noah-cyrus-luv-milz

    Miley Cyrus:     miley-boo-cyrus

    Taylor Swift:     taylor-boo-swift

    One Direction:    one-direction-boys

    Jasmine Villegas:  jasmine-luv-villegas

    Demi Lovato:   demi_bear_lovato

    China Anne Mcclain:  xchina_anne_mcclainx

    Harry Styles:  harrystyles25

  2. Guest24957719

     yes his name is jb_suprstr_bby

  3. lsle43


  4. Guest24947392

     he's got a moshimonsters account that is i-am-the-real-bieber and he is the real jb


  5. Guest24293612
    1. its justin_drew_beiber
  6. Guest24008020

    he dont have an aconnt and if he did he would tell us on live tv im sorry to break the news to u all but its true. the fakes just want atention

  7. Guest23421265

    its neither of those names 

  8. Guest23301174

    his username is justinbieber! duh!

  9. Guest23154580

    justin bieber does not have a moshi monster

  10. Guest23145263

    beiber7 is his name we talk all the time:)

  11. Guest23140957

    jb is sooooooooooo dating sel gomez y she is not pretty

  12. Guest23087592

    hi selena gomez speaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 look i know you all LOVE my BOYFRIEND and so do i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Guest22779418

    I think he might have one...IM STILL NOT SURE!!Every justin i type says hes 16 years old and is from canada. i dont think anything with the name justin bieber really is him.why would you put ypur name anyway.really.And there are sooo many  players (over 15 million) that any body,  1\15million, ANYONE could be him.

  14. Guest22775828

    justindrewbieber009 i think ask the real zendaya coleman she knows the posers and the reals everyone says

  15. Guest22763472

     his moshi name is justindrewbieber009 and his bff is called justinbieberfan12398

  16. Guest22705308

    hey people this is kallie i have a moshi monster to and what is sealenas gomez acounte

  17. Guest22654771

    You guys I think he doesn't have a Moshi Monster it would be dangerous for him because he is so famouse and if he does have a account I would hope he deleted it because a popular websie is too much for him.

  18. Guest22612310

    Um you guys, their just PRETENDING to be famous celebrities becasue their spoiled brats seeking attention! and anyways who would wanna pretend to be jb he sucks!

  19. Guest22610449

    hi plz check out my youtube video bieberfever9801s webcam video its hilarious!!!! and your NOT his gurl friend your just SAYING that!!! hahaaha i got you!!!!

  20. Guest22609383

     i have an account on moshimonsters and i have heaps of m8s and i went on moshimonsters and found this girl named silena gomez. my room is FULL of justin bieber things and i talk to silena and she has heard of everything justin bieber. she gave me her e-mail adress and she sent me a photo. she even sent me a photo of her and justin bieber. then she gave me his moshi monster. its justin bieber babe. what? it realy is! you have to believe me! IT REALY IS! anyway , plz add me! my user names nzmad5son.

  21. Guest22533751

    LOL people im jb1s gurl friend so dont try to take im from me cause your going down

  22. Guest22533537

    yes it does and it kitedvil

  23. Guest22531726

     hi im jasmine v...............seriously justin does not go on moshi monsters, he kissed my at the back of the car, i asked him on the same day he says he does not even know wud that website is

  24. Guest22495804

     yes he does and his name is 666bieber666 check on ask thats where i got it from type in what is justin bieber`s moshi monster and it will say 666bieber666 if you went to the one that i did you can just copy and paste this  ------>  what is justin bieber`s moshi monster?

  25. Guest22481633

    the name is itsjustinbieber

  26. Guest22442385

     how is justin bieber

  27. Guest22409619

    i want him now

    nut he has a girlfriend

    SELENA GOMEZ ( i hate her now )

  28. Guest22368768

    yea its blu8

  29. Guest22340649

    Ok i just added canadianbieber someone please tell me when he will go on if u know!!!!!

  30. Guest22340649

    I have no idea what it is! Theres so many people who fake being him!!!

  31. Guest21941445

    yes his name is justin-bieber-babe see ya later.

  32. Guest20568511
    Yes. It is justin_bieber4real2! its true! he answered something that you cant find on google!
  33. Guest20565775
    i think its either justin_b or canadianbieber!! i tries those on the website and they both found a monster like that!! :)) i tried justin-bieber-baby and it didnt find a name like that!!! :)) JUSTIN BIEBER I AM UR NUMBER ONE FAN AND I CRY ABOUT U AT NIGHT!! I LUVV U AND I WANT TO MARRY U! <3
  34. Guest20535217
    justin bieber moshi monster is justinbieber1march i know him and i talk to him
  35. Guest20447170
    wow these r all difffernt wtf i hav a moshi and its ganna be harder than i thought to find him on moshi i already know 6 people that think their the real jb wtf who is the real jb on moshimonster!?
  36. Guest20375874
    Yes he does have moshi monsters and his name is i_am_justin-bieber
  37. Guest20374296
  38. Guest20239051
    no its candianbieber
  39. Guest20017058
    i wish i could meet jb he is the best and cute and hot!!!! love u jb byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee looooooooooooooooooolllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz :):):)
  40. Guest19996106
    some these names have to much frz i jes want jb to addd justin is my man tell u ya here my moshi monster names nicolia600abc,sweet-cola,danesia12356567,rehanna12,venitanelly,isabelle147 byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee y'allllllllllll jb is hot i talk to him already not face to face on the computer hooray 4 me hahhaaha lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  41. Guest19993296
    i think so it is justinbieber1 because all of the other justinbiebr owner name it is not a member and justinbieber is a member coz he is RICH!!!!! add me plzz katsumarox100
  42. Guest19844790
    well it is justin_b it is real i swear
  43. Guest19774069
    i wouldnt bieleve this stuff thier all diffrent & i dont care if ispel wrong
  44. Guest19760399
    the username is justin_b
  45. Guest19705832
    Yes he does, It's justin07beiber
  46. Guest19472084
    the name is really justin-b
  47. Guest19451135
    he just made it but its sducks789... LOL.. i know... he must love ducks and pink!!LOL
  48. Guest19205057
    His Name Is: justinbieberbabycool. It Is Him! I Know It Is!
  49. Guest19131896
    dont belive juzzybieber has faking to be justin bieber
  50. Guest19120577
    hi justin bieber is soo hot i wanna have s*x s*x more more that hurts baby baby oh oh oh oh owchhhhhhhhhhhhh that went in my v****a owwwww yea
  51. Guest18988523
    hi justin bieber is jennifer alexander for scotland her I love you so mush I Like your sing justinb. love from jennifer alexander x*x you are hot for me
  52. Guest18678043
    Yes he douse but i keep adding him plus i they are soo many Justin Bieber on moshimonsters saying they are the real Justin Bieber i on moshi monsters it is sugarstar560
  53. Guest18548808
    he does it is justin-bieber-babe. i added him.
  54. Guest18537505
    i have nooooo idea i think it is the justinbieber 1 because it has sooooo may friends and all the others dont so yh...
  55. Guest18347700
    ummmmmmmm oh got it justinbieber he has too many friends so u can not add him or maybe u can but when i did it it never worked so oh can u add me as a friend my moshi monsters mame is babybabybaby1237 ok bye-bye.
  56. Guest18302030
    yes!!!!!!! he dose he has a moshimonster his username is justin-beiber-babe add him i want to ask him out you can talk to him so he dose
  57. Guest18274113
    yes he does hes username is justin-bieber-babe addd him cuz hes the real 1 yooh can find out urself ask him anything haha i added him cuz i love him!go jb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3
  58. Guest18219345
    yeah its justinbieber i added him and he left me a message on my pinboard saying yes i am the real justin bieber andplz tell me ur not some crazy fan trying to get help on how to ask me out!!!!!
  59. Guest18217521
    the name is justinbieber

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