does anyone want to pokemon diamond wifi battle me i'm on now?

by Guest14225827  |  10 years, 8 month(s) ago

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My name is Ash :P
my friend code is 5327 3116 6663
I got a quite strong team but never really done wifi battle before so really want to!

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  1. liza amelia

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  2. Guest21703166

     battle me



  3. Guest21702558

    Who will battle me RIGHT NOW???

  4. Guest21212606
    MY fc 3825 3870 7493 name Justin
  5. Guest21041573
    Name Eddie fc 1978 0874 8868 email me when u want to battle my email
  6. Guest20629576
    I will my name is st Jimmy SOS dunno myfc but o well I will wait 4 u
  7. Shiftyrock
    Name is ash friend code is 0431 9904 6571
  8. Guest19879044
    battle me im on
  9. Guest19746091
    I am on double right now gimme ur code ppls!!!! Name: DUDE Fc: 5241 9589 6908 Single or Double: Double I'm not a cheater. I've never had a battle over wifi, not all my pokemon are lvl 100, but i'm ready ta pwn sum noobs!! :@D
  10. Guest19269823
    battle me or trade me now if you want to battle me im on single friend code 116213969238 name ash
  11. Guest19269823
    battle me or trade me now if you want to battle me im on single
  12. Guest19265757
    I am on everyday here my code 1978 0874 8868
  13. Guest19108814
    im down every day (: name: clown FC: 0088 5574 4663
  14. Guest17535025
    sure il do it
  15. Guest16981501
    I would and your going doooooown! fc:1076 2616 4060
  16. Guest16869809
    Josh FC:3953-5823-6817 Stong Pokemon! Battle right now!
  17. Guest16780732
    name:pokemaster code:3953-5823-6817 want to battle now!
  18. Guest16780684
    name:pokemaster code:3953-5823-6817 want to battle now!
  19. Guest16773038
  20. Guest16773038
    heres my code 3953-5823-6817
  21. Guest16772970
    my name is pokefan. iwant to battle tonite at midnight. all i have in my box's is levle 100's. your going down.I'l give you my code at 11:55
  22. Guest16757430
    i do 1548 6752 2097
  23. Guest14880808
    Name: Cristy Code: 1290 9097 9740 I have a strong team so I'll battle you.
  24. Guest14425348
    i will anytime
  25. Guest14365435
  26. Guest14365435
  27. Guest14322135
    im on now if you r and im the same guy just cba to log in
  28. Guest14282647
    are u on now
  29. Guest14282647
    are u on now

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