do female coaches go into boys locker rooms?

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do female coaches go into boys locker rooms?

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    Most boys are use to being bathed by their mothers up to a certain age. Most boys know how to bath themselves once they reach puberty, and usually much earlier. The notion that females are not aroused and derive no pleasure in the sight of a naked male is a shallow excuse for women using  a double standard.  You would not have magazine like Playgirl if that was true. Just because a female cannot produce an a boner does not mean she does not enjoy the sights. Visual excitement is not a monopoly just for the male  members of society. Yes female coaches do go into the boys lockeroom and men growing up should have the same privaleges(equal rights) a women growning up and not subjected to their privacy being invaded. That's why their are signs Mens-Boys lockeroom.

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    If she did I don't think it should be that big a deal. Most boys are used to being bathed by their mother and being seen naked by female family members and would not be uncomfortable being seen naked by their coach.  Most women are not aroused by male nudity the way men are by female nudity.  Depending on the age of the boys they may need supervision.

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