Can Aeroplane stop in the sky?

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I was wondering can aeroplane stop in the sky like cars and trains, what if there is a need for them stopping in the air arises, what would be the scenario in that case, can you tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The fact is that an aeroplane cannot stop in the air , it is not designed in that manner, there is a scientific reason for that which says that there are jets which push the aeroplane ahead and they are designed to push the air back with force so than the plane can move forward, they are placed under the wings, for plan to stay in the air there should be a plane with the jets pushing the air downwards so that it can stay in the air. Helicopters can do that because of there wings which can be set in a direction to stay in one particular position in the air. However there is one plane named Harrier. It is developed and designed by different companies like Mcdonald Douglas, Boeing and British Airspace, and it is used by U.S airforce and navy. But it serves as a main fighter jet in the British Airforce.
    This plane is capable of staying in the air due to its multi directional jet inlets and engines, Its jet are designed in away that they can rotate the outflow of the air thus resulting in downward thrust which can cause the plane to stay in the air. It is capable of vertical takeoff and short take off landing by using its thrust vectoring technology.

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