disadvantages of hospitality property management systems

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also the advantages

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    Hi there. Which Hotel management system you are talking about? The most popular and recommended one is Fidelio and here are advantages and disadvantages: Fidelio has a lot of Advantages: For Hotel Guest: 1. Ability to make real time online booking, by that saving time 2. Quick check-in, no need to wait in reception 3. All hotel information at finger tip. 4. Can cut down cost on telephone calls and other inter-phase 5. Since all the guest information is stored, if the guest is coming back, the information need not be given again 6. Since all the hotel information is at the finger tip, there is no chance of getting misleading information Personnel: 1. User Friendly Software 2. Software can be used in 30+ languages 3. Easier for multi-tasking 4. Can create up to 80 folios 5. All guest information available in a single window will save time 6. Helps customized reporting 7. Powerful search engine including name, company, group etc 8. Easy three step check-in 9. Fast, point & Touch posting 10. Complex operations, Simple to use 11. More than 800 reports can be generated 12. Operator can use smart keys for guest look up 13. All information is stored in database for regular use Hotel 1. Reservation is possible for any amount 2. Travel agent commission can be saved due to online booking by the guest 3. More than 800 reports can be generated 4. Productivity increases as all the information is available at the finger tip. 5. Less manpower required 6. Easy to have track on the number of cancellation and turnaways 7. Easy to install 8. Minimal technical demands as it works on most platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix 9. High level of security to protect hotel & guest information as unauthorized can not log in 10. Connection onto the global GDS reservation system and the internet reservation system 11. Tools for creation own reports 12. Guest History can be saved in the system DISADVANTAGES Guest 1. If there is a power failure while making a reservation, all the information has to be given again 2. If there is a power cut while there is a check-in or check-out, the guest need to wait for full server start up, hich make him irate Staff 1. If one staff mistypes the information than the guest might get irate 2. If there is a power failure, while making a reservation than the staff must redo the whole reservation than the staff must redo the whole reservation 3. When night auditing is being done all other user's must be logged off 4. If there is a virus attack the stored information can be corrupt and thewrong information may be given to the guest which might make him irate Hotel 1. All the staff needs to be trained on the software 2. The software needs to be renewed each year 3. High risk of virus attack as the systems are connected to the internet most of the time 4. If there is a virus attack the stored information might get corrupt 5. If there is a power failure, the hotel runs a high risk of loosing all the stored information 6. If night auditing is missed one day there might be a a havoc the next day. 7. Most cities / countries do not have local support. Support is possible via online only and sometimes it takes time. Hope it help :) Ravshan

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