What are the differences between Cecchetti and Voganova?

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My daughter is 8 years on and has been taking ballet at a classical ballet studio for four years. Can you please tell me the differences between Cecchetti and Voganova? Is there any authentic website that might help me please?

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  1. Angelina

     Ballet is the art of promenade needing power, resilience, elegance and grace all at once. It may be tough to expert and takes allotments of endurance and perform to learn. If choreography is very fast evolving your passion and you are arranged to put in the hours of perform, then it may just be that you are arranged to objective for a vocation in ballet. Ballet can be revised at any age. Girls who study choreography evolve powerful bodies, exceptional and temporal perception, and advance their coordination. A verified technical, long-run bonus is that, it has been shown that young women keep the flexibility conveyed about by choreography all through their mature individual lives. Ballet method is advised to be the cornerstone of teaching for all kinds of dance.
    Ceccheti is an Italian procedure, while Voganova is Russian. Voganova is a newer method that integrates numerous of Ceccheti's techniques. If you gaze at the most of primary dancers in most choreography businesses you can find their teaching to the Voganova method. I train under the Vagonova procedure, and it's great. My parents were expert dancers, and the best teaching they ever got was from a Voganova school. As far as I understand, Voganova is the shrewdest way to train.
    As for changing schools, an eight year age will have no difficulty transitioning because only basics like the rudimentary stance and arm places are being educated at this age.
    Hope this helps!

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