did you wet your bed when you were growing up

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did you wet your bed when you were growing up

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  1. Guest28453383

     My sister was a strict believer in using diapers and rubberpants on bedwetters. She kept her 2 sons in them at night until they stopped at 6 and 8 years old. They had 2 younger sisters that were out of diapers before them. My sister used to let everyone know that they were the ones in diapers not their sisters

  2. Guest28451473

     I am  a girl and started bedwetting just past age 12 and i too was put into cloth baby diapers and super large size rubberpants every night before bedtime! I had to lay on my bed while mom slid the diapers under me,then applied the babypowder,then she would bring the diapers up and pin the corners with regular baby diaper pins.I would then raise my legs up and mom would pull the rubberpants up my legs and over the diapers and make sure they covered them all over.It was hard on me,knowing that i had to wear the diapers and rubberpants to bed every night and my friends were accepting of the fact.When i would have a friend or two sleep over,they would watch mom put the diapers and rubberpants on me,and sometimes they would ask if they could wear them also to help me out some mom would put the diapers and rubberpants on them also.My bedwetting went on thru 13 and on ito 14.When i was confirmed at 14,per the parish dress code,all of us girls had to wear a white dress and veil and mom put a pair of my rubberpants on me to wear under my dress for the day.As i got older,having to wear the cloth diapers and rubberpants became even harder and trying to be a normal teen girl was a challenge!Finially,about 4 months before i turned 15,my bedwetting stopped,but mom made me wear the diapers and rubberpants for 3 weeks to be sure it had ended.I was so happy to be out of the diapers and rubberpants for good!

  3. Guest28451418

     Do more boys wet the bed than girls

  4. Guest28451415


    I also wet the bed until I was dry at night at 13 years old.Mom made me wear thick under wear and babies super large rubberpants. I had my first o****m in baby pants and to thos day I still get excited when my wife puts my baby pants on me


  5. Guest28450223

     Yes I wet the bed until I was 9 years old and was put back in double diapers and super size rubberpants every night before dinner. My mother used to let my older and younger sisters tease me about my night diapers. It was so embarressing for a boy to be teased for Being in baby pants.

  6. Guest28438926

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  7. Guest28434809

     Yes,I started wetting the bed at 12 and a half and was put into regular cloth pin on baby diapers and toddler or super large size rubberpants every night at bed time.Mom used baby powder and baby oil on me also and dusted my rubberpants with the babypowder to keep them soft.Since i am a girl,i had the rubberpants in pastel colors and babyprints as well as a couple pair with ruffles sewn across the back the mom put on me for holidays and special occasions.I dreaded bedtime every night,having to lay there naked on my bed while mom put the diapers and rubberpants on me,then it was my nightgown or two piece footy pajamas.On Easter sunday,i was putinto the ruffled rubberpants after my bath and then into my poofy easter dress,etc.My bedwetting lasting untill past my 15 th birthday then stopped.

  8. Guest28434806

     I was a bedwetter until  was 8 years old. Most embarressing moment was when 3 of my mother's friends saw my babyish rubber pants and asked my mother what she was doing with baby's rubber pants. She told them right in front of me and then told me to go get my diapers and then diapered me in front of her friends. They all teased me saying what a cute baby. I was 6 at the time and was still wearing rubber pants when I was 8 when I stopped.

  9. Guest28434446

     Yes and diapers and plastic pants were used and were put on me prior to dinner and wasn't allow to wear pajama bottoms so that my babyish plastic pants could be seen by everyone. It was very embarrassing especially when you have younger siblings that are out of diapers. I was still wearing baby pants when I  wad 10 years old 

  10. Guest28431934

    My mother used to tell me every morning if I didnt stop wetting the bed she would buy me diapers and plastic pants. One morning  I started laughing. She asked if I thought it was funny. She said u won't find it funny tonight. When I got home there were diapers and plastic pants on my bed. Mom then informed  me I would be now diapered every night until I stopped wetting the bed. That I was put in diapers with yellow plastic pants with baby bears print. I had to go to the den and show my brothers and sisters my baby pants. Mom told them I  would be wearing them like a baby until wetting the bed2



  11. Guest28431218

     Yes,i am a girl,and started wetting the bed at 13 and mom got cloth diapers and rubberpants for me to wear.Every night,she pinned the cloth diapers on me then put the super size baby rubberpants on over them and then i put my night gown on and got into bed.Mom made me wear just the rubberpants under dresses for easter,when i was in a wedding when i was 14,and under my white confirmation dress a month later.I wore the cloth diapers and rubberpants untill i was 4 months shy of my 16th birthday when my bedwetting stopped.

  12. Guest28431199

     When I was teenager my brother was still wetting his bed every night. It was a real pain to have to wash sheets every day. My friend told mom that a boy she baby sat for wore diapers at night.I told mom we should put my brother back in diapers. She agreed and we took my brother to the store and bought him diapers and babies rubber panties. It was embarressing for him as mom told the cashier who's daughter went school with my brother that they were for him because he still wet the bed. The cashier held up the rubber pants and told him he was going to look so cute in his new baby pants. When we got home he was given a bath and diapered and not mom slid the rubber pants over his diapers.over the course of 3 months his wetting almost completely stopped .mom then would put rubberpants on him  until he stopped wetting.

  13. Guest28430994

     My mother put me back in diapers and rubberpants when I was six years old for wetting te bed. Every Saturday morning I would have to go out with her dressed in training plastic pants and stand bedside her while she would hang my diapers rubberpants and baby feet pajamas on the clothes line for everyone to see. The training rubberpants stayed on all day to let me know I was still a baby. It was embarressing and earned me the nickname diaper boy and my sisters used to call me Mr pissy pants.

  14. Guest28430760

     I wet the bed until I was 12.mpm used to take me to her room every night ant put thick training pants and rubber pants on me and feet pajamas. I stopped wetting when I was 12and got erections and masturbated in the baby pants. I thought no one knew I wore them but my future wife told me almost everyone she knew I wore rubberpants at night. She told me that if I had any accidents she would also put them on me. Which she does frequently when I drink

  15. Guest28362658

     Yes and my mother friends suggested that if that if I was wetting like a baby at night I should be treated as baby.Mom thought it was a great Idea.With the help of her friends and my 3 older sisters I was put into night diapers and plasticpants and a baby sleeper. It was really embarressing to be six and being put into baby pants but was more embarressing when she put in a baby crib with a baby bottle.the next morning she put me in a high chair and fed me like a baby.this lasted for six months until I started to stay dry.I then was put into a youth bed with training pants and plasticpants for 3 months. After that I was allowed to sleep in my bed bot with rubber sheet covering the matress but had to wear plastic pants for 1 year

  16. Guest28328049

     My mother did the same to me but used diapers and rubberpants[plasticpants]. She would discuss my bedwetting with all the neighbors and relatives right in front of me telling them I was still a baby wearing diapers and rubberpants at night. I would hear my older sisters friends say I can't believe he is still in diapers.  

  17. Guest28327743

     I wet the bed and my mother shamed me called me a baby and put training rubberpants on me in front of whom ever was at our house. She also hung them out to dry on the clothes line for every one to see. I think the whole neighborhood knew I was still wearing baby pants

  18. Guest28325651

     Yes and I had to wear  diapers and rubber pants like my younger siblings until i stopped

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