did my ex-bf lie to me?

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its cuz he got jealous, then said another girl was on his mind and didn't know if he still loved me. let me start from the beginning.. we were talking on youtube, and this is the convo:
Him:Hey, its me Anthony, r u ok (he asked me that bcuz i used to be suicidal, but not anymore. i will skip some of the convo. and go to the "jealous" part. cuz b4 he got jealous, i told him that Eduardo (a guy that used to bully me stopped, and yeah he was happy about it, but once he heard we were friends and i told him i kinda liked eduardo, he seemed to be a bit jealous). here is what happened:
Me: (i'm only putting part of the msg. i sent, so u won't have to read much sorry if i'm getting annoying, btw!!&it will be the same for the rest of the not gonna put everything we said, cuz some of it is personal):i figured.. its just better if we remain friends, cuz i do kind of like Eduardo (i know, he used to bully me, but we r friends now)).
Anthony:no i can't do this anymore, and u should move on and get another boyfriend, he'll probably love u more than me. I'm sorry
Me:what do u mean?? u did love me more than anyone.. but i understand if u say u cant do it, but u gotta be strong, like me
Anthony:you'll probably love ur new boyfriend more than me :(
Me: why do u think that? & no, i won't
Anthony:why, if u move on, ur probably going 2 forget about me, and there's no need 2 think about me anymore if u get another boyfriend
Me:we can at least stay friends, i'm not gonna leave u forever! i'm too nice to do that! & be honest: r u jealous?
Anthony:i guess i'm a bit jealous, i'm not usually the jealous type, and wats the point of thinking about me if u have a new boyfriend, and why wouldn't u love him more than me
Me:& of course i'll still think about u, don't think like that, and don't be like that! :( &i don't have a new bf. . . & i admit, i do still have some feelings for you, and even if i didn't, there would be a point of thinking about u cuz u r a special part of my life. friend or bf, doesn't matter, they are both special. & so is family. All the ppl i know are special to me. Don't be like that, ur still special to me
Anthony:when u get a new boyfriend, r u going 2 love him as much as u loved me?
Me: Probably. & umm, do u want to txt me cuz the computer is dying and like, ym mom has to use it to pay bills&stuff...
Anthony:i can't, goodbye Eliza, when u get another boyfriend, don't think about me please, enjoy him, don't think about me anymore Eliza *crying* :(
Me:Aw, don't cry:(( its not like i don't love u, anymore. &my mom ended up doing other stuff, so now im in my room
Anthony: i can't help but cry
Me: Sorry for my long reply:/ & i still love u cuz ur sweet, and ur amazing<3 thats why. i admit it<3 u love me, too, right? & u shouldn't have cried, u don't deserve it:( & when ur sad, u make me sad:(
Anthony: how can u still love me. &i don't no if i still love u, and why do u get sad when i get sad
Me:i no u love me, cuz u got jealous, and i get sad when u get sad cuz were friends.. err.. idk what we r now.. but thats why
Anthony:how could u still love me, why can't u just move on from me?
Me:well , ok, i don't love u as much as i used to, but i still do a little bit. and why r u so mad? :(
Anthony: i just have so many things going on in my head, and i just want u 2 move on and don't think about me ever again
Me:why, being ur friend is better than nothing.. & no offense, but if u wanted me to move on, why did u msg. me first? & i do help people that r depressed.. what happened?:( if its personal, i understand, but i could still at least try to make u feel better by being ehre for u<3 (friend or not, doesn't matter) cuz they are both special, remember??
Anthony:i just wanted 2 no if u were ok,and it's personal i can't tell u
Me:ok:/ & whateverit is that ur going through, don't do what i did. it will just make things worse, and stay here for the ppl that do care about you. <3
Anthony: well ok, all i want u 2 do now is move on from me and don't think about me anymore, i don't want u thinking about me when u get a new boyfriend.
Me:if u still love me, just tell me. i don't believe u when u say "i don't know". & everyone gets jealous, its normal. i've been jealous before, you've been jealous before, even my moms bf has been jealous before!!
Anthony:i've been thinking of another girl lately, and now i developed feelings 4 her, that's why i don't no if i still love u
Me:Well, i don't really love you anymore, and thats good<3 Don't be all depressed like u were with Ciara, be strong like I was:D If u need help, just tell me, ima pro (really) *wink** ;))
Anthony:ok, since u don't love me anymore, i guess i'll just be going then
Me: Bye:)
So that was our convo.. does it mean anything?? & thank u so much for ur help, i really appreciate it!:D <3 ya!:DD

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  1. Guest27884805

     I think so. He mentioned "another girl" to see if you would get jealous, so that way he would know if you still have feelings for him or not. In other words, he was testing you. He still has feelings for you, and doesn't want to admit it because he is afraid of rejection because you told him "you weren't sure you loved him anymore", and because after that you told him "you didn't love him anymore" which made him confused and nervous/worried about rejection. If you still love him, talk to him about it.

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