Did marilyn have a son?

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I read on a handwriting analysis website that she was raped by a neighbor when she was a teenager and that she was allowed to bear the child, but that the baby was put up for adoption and that she never got to hold her son and never saw him again. Is this true?

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  1. John

    She never bore children, and was virgin when she married Jim Dougherty in the year 1942. This rumor most likely comes from a number of sources all lumped together. Just have a look.

    Unfortunately was molested when she was a child and nobody believed her when she was a child. Even a very few people will tell you this side of her miserable live. Maybe it was the reason behind for not bearing a child.

    Marilyn was married to Jim Dougherty when she was a teenager (16 years old). This was to escape going back to the orphanage where she had spent time as a child, or back to another foster home (her foster mother at the time was a woman she adored, Ana Lower, whom she had known for years and considered more like a mother than a foster parent). The marriage bore no children.

    Marilyn DID become pregnant with a son, with Arthur Miller in 1957, but suffered a miscarriage as the pregnancy was found to be ectopic. Marilyn never had children of her own.

    So you see how those things may have lumped together. You know here live was never hidden from ordinary people. And there is no proof of giving birth to some child.

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