did katie and micah really die off of paranormal activity

by Guest12243725  |  6 years, 6 month(s) ago

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did katie and micah really die off of paranormal activity

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  3. Guest24928872

    All is awnsered in the second movie!

  4. lyls42r


  5. Guest23104267

    is the movie real/? its so scary??!!!

  6. Guest22984877

     Yes they really died

  7. Guest22875618

    thanks to everyone who posted back to my original question of "did Katie and Micah really die off of paranormal activity?" 

    but tbh it s been over a year now so to all the petty people who are sitting on their computers because they dont have the guts to actually say it to other peoples faces- Shut the f**k up :)

    yours sincerly life

    p.s cheers to all the people who actually answered the question


    also cba coming back on here so if you post a comment i won't see it :D

  8. Guest22862498

     THE MOVIE WAS  BASED ON TRUE EVENTS ) thats all i dont see y people are arguing

  9. Guest22737555

    i watched this movie and i thought it was scary but i want to know if katie is dead or alive cause at the end they say they dont know were katie is so can u tell me if you have seen her

































  10. Guest22691227

     wow how about NO ONE says how stupid anyone is for liking OR believeing the movie. How about we all grow the f**k up, and stop being rude and inconsiderate just because you dont anyone on here and then only reason your talking s**t is because your name is GUEST2395634057309 ...  why dont you fin dout where these people live invite yourself over and tell them how dumb they are because YOUR PERFECT, and you know everythinggggg. f**k youuuuu. YOUR DUMB AS f**k.

  11. Guest22689051

     Well I just watched that movie but I got freaked out at the end then my little brother came and got me and said grose I dont know what he meant but I went back down there and katie popped out on the screen then I ran upstairs to my dad cas I got sooo scared but I think that this is all fantasy and it didn't make any sense when katie said that she wanted to stay but at first she wanted to leave and I think that if they would have left they might've been a little bit more free so get out of were ever u are ghost are real my grandma that passed away two years ago came and haunted us for a little bit and Im not trying to say this to scare you but it really happened the lights flickered and my brothers night light flickered it was really scary and so if u dont think ghost are real, think again 

  12. lacyandrea

    Yes,katie and mica really die of paranormal activity movie.

  13. Guest22679573

    Oh wow u guys are all effin retarded this movie was BASED on a true story the footage wasnt real it was jus acted out u dumbasses  get ur effin facts rite b4 u go on some retarded a*s site and fight bout it GET A LIFE no one rlyy cares wat u think and weither u believe it or not get a life and stop wit this effin fightin ON THE COMPUTER


  14. Guest22676972

     OMG you people need to learn how to SPELL!!!!!

    It was just a scary movie is all....... It is in no way shape or form based on a true story, do your research you bubble heads.

    You think about it do you really think they would let some possessed b***h run loose with a child???? Grow some brains, and more to the point get a life. Oh if you think that was all true then i guess the Devils Crossroads are true aswell then. So why don't some of you go and sell your soul.......

  15. Guest22592410

     uh idiots if katie ate the camera all the footage would be lost im in the fift grade an i got that i mean cmon guys


  16. Guest22491416

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  17. Guest22384989

     I DONT Belive that, guys do you really think they are dead? If you think that then you IQ is 0,01

  18. Guest22368209

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  19. Guest22368179

    they're are great actor and actresses becouse many believe that their story is real!!

  20. Guest22015124

    katie is dead mecha is dead i am dead you are dead every one is dead ohhhhh s**t

  21. Guest20813277
    The movie is based on true story Yes "BASED" that means they did this movie based on a true story. that means this is a movie. but based on true story. i couldnt possible explain clearer then this. IF u dont understand then your IQ is 0
  22. Guest20795272
    In the Movie Katie was shoot and Micah dissapear. Well....Those people are just an Actor and Actress.Like Blairwitch Project. Dont Worry they are still alive and they was invited to Guess in late show 2009....At the end of the movie..The question is where is Micah? and is Katies still alive? The answer is this... in the movie Micah was dissapear, and Katie ..well she is not dead she was alive and she was hided.
  23. Guest20671000
    I'm sorry for you guys who think this is based on a true story. it's NOT. Do the research.
  24. Guest20455302
    At the end of the film it says police found micahs body. We don't know if he really did die though. For the sequel both the actors are coming back so Micah and katie can't have died. This was based on true story but none of it is real footage.
  25. Guest20329700
    the movie wasnt real. it was acting, but it was supposedly based on a true story.
  26. Guest20200259
    at first I thought it was all real, but at the end after Katie murdurs Micah and actually chows the cam, when all the time it had been ignored. Mmm, it was all an act!!! But is it based on on a true story or what?
  27. Guest20026107
    Uhhhh Guest1227...........I hate to break this to you, but King Kong isn't real either!!!
  28. Guest20019396
    well, sounds that paied toooo much of your attention, please go to youtube and write: interview with Katie and Micah, and they will tell u all about it. they are actors at the same collage and might be lovers and they are already produced a movie 2009 about what they acted already on the paranormal activity. People wake up and stop being shallow, I know a lot about demons and they never act on vedio or even show up infront of everybody! they dont kill, they scare humen kind as a game. They have roles too.
  29. Guest20017815
    well, sounds that paied toooo much of your attention, please go to youtube and write: interview with Katie and Micah, and they will tell u all about it. they are actors at the same collage and might be lovers and they are already produced a movie 2009 about what they acted already on the paranormal activity. People wake up and stop being shallow, I know a lot about demons and they never act on vedio or even show up infront of everybody! they dont kill, they scare humen kind as a game. They have roles too.
  30. Guest19963976
    its a bit scarey but when she got dragged out of the bed i was cracking up!!! not sure if it is real, some things tell me it is but some is defo fake!!! Its well sad though!!!
  31. Guest19374881
    Jeez, its not even scary! I was laughing so much through the whooole film. Admittedly it iss a little sad when the woman kills the bloke, but aspart from that, its practically a comedy! And its not real. It isss acting. Its made like it is to make it more realistic. But think about it.. what are the odds that theyd start filming stuff at like exactly the right time? The bits they have film are like a couple weeks before the guy supposedly dies. Not at all very likely anyone would get the timing that good if it was real. Plussss, do you realy think theyd sorta show someones actual death in cinemas round the world?? Not very respectful is it? :P
  32. Guest18852446
    Scariest movie iv ever seen. My sister and i watched it last night and she woke up in the middle of the night and pulled me by my legs from my bed.
  33. Guest18069072
    lolz at the it was real footage peeps. Just watched the DVD.... thought the theatrical ending was heaps better than the "alternate" ending. Weren't there enough suckers from Blair Witch project??? d**n it's just a remake of that pretty much. Was good film though.
  34. Guest17774852
  35. Guest17733049
    they died and it was fuking scary
  36. Guest17713668
    no they didnt
  37. Guest17656134
    yes i believe they did
  38. Guest17634283
    No, but it's based on a true story about a Katie and Micah. The Katie and Micah on Paranormal Activity are just actors, like in any movie.
  39. Guest17614543
    Well this might be disappointing to most of the horror fans or gore hounds but the story is a work of fiction, nicely told. The intellectual people pointing to the facts where someone dies watching th original clip, please applaud the director for such a flawless direction right before getting his a*s dragged by the mystery demon..Oh, and if this story was foretold, the name of the actors in the movie are - Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston, what a freak of a coincidence. But wait, why insult the ending credits' side note of the movie being the work of fiction; maybe facts no longer make sense to the numb skulls we (read I) see everyday. Oh mighty possessed, scorn the dead AND the dumb!
  40. Guest17577191
    It Is True, i just watched it with my mates and its f*****g scary as ! and wtf it is a real story but they couldent show the real footage because comeone dies ! so they have to reonact it :/ soo think what you like... ITS REAL !
  41. Guest17553519
    no. it says at the end that the movie is completely fictitious, and that anything that might have happened to someone in real life is complete coincidence. it didnt happen
  42. Guest17513910
    it a sarcy film and i was bored so i wantin to whatch it i neilly had a heart attac i really they are i hope they are not dead that thing went in to katie and she hurt her boyfirend i feel sorry for them i wont go sleep for a week
  43. Guest17307360
    wheres micah and katie
  44. Guest17130248
    i did not know whether it is true or false.but one thing is clear that if u see the movie very carefully u will understand that the movie is not true.. in this movie u just carefully watch the shadow which is appear during entering of demon,but is not appear at the beginning. may be such story was happened..but i am sure the footage of Paranormal Activity is totally decorating.
  45. Guest17096279
    for all u people who think ur so smart and know everything about this movie, no these people who played in paranormal activity didnt die, they were actors, no this was not real footage, but it was based off of real footage, and NO their not GHOSTS their DEMONS, so if u wanna keep talking s**t about oh this isnt a real movie, no its not real, but IT IS BASED ON A REAL STORY, SO SHUT THE f**k UP!!!!!!!!
  46. Guest16949280
    Yes it is true and it is the scariest movie i hav seen in my life and what the heck happend at the end she likes startes to l**k and smell Micah That it dumb but yes i beleive in it.
  47. Guest16821051
    It is a fictional film. I dont argue about the fact that ghosts and demons exhist. this is just a really good low budget film. Oh, and if they died in 2006, how did katie star in a 2009 movie (low budget/underground). and also there's a live interview with E! about how they shot the film and came up with ideas and s**t. all you need is a decent camera and an iMac. ;)
  48. Guest16810035
    it wasent a ghost it was a demon
  49. Guest16766295
    oh mates, i just watched this movie, and as we say movie, it has been made to make money with budget of 15000. but for sure,all of us or relatives faced such things before, i swear on god that my mother had a lot of paranormal activities for which we did not have any clue.
  50. Guest16729930
    "Guest16550706 6 days, 8 hour(s) ago(0)(0)Report Sorry folks..there's no such things as ghosts" How do you know? Or are you just guessing? "..or are you going to confess you believe in the tooth fairy, santa clause, and the easter bunny next? " Nope. I beleive in ghosts but i don't believe in the tooth fairy, santa clause, the easter bunny, or God.
  51. Guest16681843
    Was the story of Micha and Katie true did it really happen.Was there a real tape that Micha had over night to try to help with the paranormal activity going on at night while they were asleep.
  52. Guest16631130
    no they didnt die because they just did a interview last year so they r not freacken died STUIPEDS
  53. Guest16629011
    yes they did cause on the movie at the end it said this following is based on a true story so yes.
  54. Guest16612218
    i actually dont know but wanna know about the same so can you help me out ?
  55. Guest16550706
    Sorry folks..there's no such things as ghosts..or are you going to confess you believe in the tooth fairy, santa clause, and the easter bunny next?
  56. Guest16549529
    Acabo de ver la película y más allá de si es verdadera o no, me encantó que hubiesen tantas discusiones en Internet. Ya esto es un logro para el Director, más allá de lo buena que fuese la película. Felicitaciones a Peli por su realización. Y a ustedes por ver y comentar... Saludos desde Caracas, Venezuela.-
  57. Guest16535522
    no the movie is not real but it can happen. My dad told me that my grandma where they used to live, she really got dragged out of her room... So yeah it could happen but the movie is NOT real footage
  58. Guest16510591
    No they did not die it's only a movie and it wasn't scary at all!!!!!!!!
  59. Guest16349911
    no they did not die..this was just a movie not real footage. i seen the actors on a little skit on jay leno. dont always beleive what you see or read. many movies claim to be true stories but are not. in fact most of the movies that claim to be based on a true store are only very losely based if at all. i knew before watching this that it was not real footage because i knew better than to believe it.
  60. Guest16301277
    pffffffffff, that's not true , understand this , ! i dont believe never in demon , and so i think it's only movie!:) MICAH and KATIE are ALIVE < !
  61. Guest16238391
    I don't even come on this website but I did today only because I first watched the movie last night ! And for all you ignerant people out there .... The movie was played out to be real of course we all are online the next day just too see if it is real. We obviously know the actors didn't get harmed we are wondering about the REAL people ... How dare you be so d**n rude if you dont like the ""HYPE"" about it don't come on writing anything at all keep it to yourself! You don't gotta come on here cursin and swearing like you made the movie yourself and as for you dale0 your only throwing attitude so non shulant like that because in all truth the movie dun scared the s**t right outta you! It was an excellent movie the actors did a great job cudos to them and shame on all you people who are calling everyone down just because they are doing the same thing you did after you watched it ( trying to see if in fact it was real)
  62. Guest16238391
    I don't even come on this website but I did today only because I first watched the movie last night ! And for all you ignerant people out there .... The movie was played out to be real of course we all are online the next day just too see if it is real. We obviously know the actors didn't get harmed we are wondering about the REAL people ... How dare you be so d**n rude if you dont like the ""HYPE"" about it don't come on writing anything at all keep it to yourself! You don't gotta come on here cursin and swearing like you made the movie yourself and as for you dale0 your only throwing attitude so non shulant like that because in all truth the movie dun scared the s**t right outta you! It was an excellent movie the actors did a great job cudos to them and shame on all you people who are calling everyone down just because they are doing the same thing you did after you watched it ( trying to see if in fact it was real)
  63. dale0
    Guest15457613 you stupid b*****d what a ridiculous thing to say what u basing it on? avatar looked real but we all know it isnt. come back when you got something clever to say.
  64. Guest16155522
    yes i think they really died and i do believe in demons..oh!it really scares me..!!!
  65. Guest16155176
    they didn't die and these things really happened where i live, but not in my house in old houses, if the house really abandoned for so long or Burnt then the house haunted, this is a real experience some people have ghosts living inside them that is something real and it's not a joke
  66. Guest16096516
    Guest15969955, We CAN say for sure that it's fake. They are both still alive, don't try to be philosophical you are only making yourself sound stupid. *sigh*
  67. Guest15970448
    After watching this movie i actually faked labor pains just so i could spend the night at my moms house.....I've always loved scary movies but this one was the one that made me stay up half the night looking down the hallway. Whether its fact or fiction is beyond me. To tell you the truth i really dont wanna think about it anymore!!!!!!
  68. Guest15969955
    well, some of you people may say it's fake and some of you people may say it's real. well, you dont know for sure. so there really itn't a answer to give. it's ture. it's not ture. that's all i can say because we don't know for sure. if you seen katie and micah in the year of 2000 or up then they are alive. there is no answer so your better off listening to me!!! if you saw katie or micah befor you really shouldn't be asking this quetion. i hope i gave you an answer. well, not really an answer but i hope i gave you an idea. thnks so much!!!
  69. Guest15871455
    no, its not true..but i dont care wether its true or not. i enjoyed watching it. raaarrrrr!!!
  70. bhakuni123
    Whether, I don't believe on this, the fact is that this happens but only with few persons.
  71. Guest15687562
    Ok first off all the parents wit the cussin please stop.thats bein fake! and its just a movie whether its real or not it a only a movie... half of ya'll so called grown ups act like ya'll never seen a movie. its really time to grow up!!. actin all half most of you grownups age and i act mature then that.ugh please.just remember its a MOVIE.
  72. Guest15681699
    Pure fiction! There's a clause at the end of the film that says it's a fictional story, and any resemblance to real people or experiences are completely accidental. I'm sure, somewhere out there, some chick killed her boyfriend and blamed it on a demon, but this movie, this story is just someone's awesomly chilling imagination :o) Oh and to the twit that things it's ACTUAL footage bcause of the dragging thing 1. It's called special effects dumbass! All that scene would take is a friggin bright green strap around her ankle. 2. If someone had found real footage sepicting this type of thing, and a murder, you sure as h**l would never see it because there's no way authorities would allow this kind of evidence to be played in cinemas for kicks. Seriously, I love a good horror as much as the next person but you all need to grow up LMFAO, next you'll be swearing on the bible that pennywise, pet cemetary and pinhead are real.
  73. Guest15657548
    Even if it is ficticious there are some things that people really need to learn from this movie. 1. Don't be an ignorant a*s like the Micah character. 2. If someone who is experienced with paranormal activity, spirirtology, demonology, and the like instruct specific things about do's and dont's listen and do not wind up to be a moron like the character Mikah all and ever assuming macho a*s who wound up dead for assuming his own way. 3. Don't ever wait and let professionals bring a resolove or you will wind up like the character Micah.
  74. Guest15651371
    I was so disgusted at the fact that the movie led everyone to believe that the movie was real and my children and I were really scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!I could slap the idiot that made us believe it was true. I am mad at you!!!!!!!!!!!
  75. Guest15629729
    i think its true but you dickfaces are stupid a*s f*k cause u dnt think cause they r actors but wat if it happend to other ppl n they sent the story to the ppl in acting skool n they wantwed to play the parts of katie and micah and they desided to make a movie bout it so next time before sayng your s**t think bout it ppl ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps if your not down with that they might hunt u itz true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause that happenbd to ma lil causen !!!!!!!! NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!
  76. Guest15562986
    I don't know if it was real, but I know this can really happen. At my church some person came filled with a demon. And a woman at my church casted the demon out of her. We had to hold her down, she was shaking and trying to tear her clothes off and everthing. It's untelling what she would have done if we hadn't. Her eyes were completely white. But now she is normal, and as good a christian as anyone. There was hope for both of them.
  77. Guest15553854
    no its not a real story dumbasses google it got d**n, you cant see it a the end of the movie, it says that anything similar is a coincidence, so wake up people
  78. Guest15483479
    não acredito que o casal ficou sem trepar por um mês-----tempo em que ocorre o flme------ e não acredito que o ronald mcdonald aparece no filme!!!!!!!!!!! ..... porra mesmu!!
  79. Guest15457613
    I think that the movie is true when she got pulled off the bed you could tell straight up it was real so all you dickheads talking s**t shut the f**k up you did not go through it so you don't even know.
  80. Guest15446878
    Has anyone got any actual proof that any of the so called real events even exist. Coz I have look around for anything remotely like the events that happened in the film and have found nothing. So for those who want to believe that there is another side and that ghost and demons, heaven and h**l exist then I challenge you to prove it. I am all for believing it ONLY IF THERE IS REAL EVIDENCE!!!!!!. ps those who think the the people in the movie are the real people then watch dancing with the stars coz there haunting the show, and aynt to bad at dancing either.
  81. Guest15426395
    the ghost/demon made katie throw micah at the camera but the family didnt let us people see that katie threw micah at the camera and the cops turned the camera off
  82. Guest15375190
    i really doubt that movie was real, but even though, i was really amazed and scared by that movie.. i havent slep for some nights thinking if that was really real..
  83. Guest15352842
    okay this is what happened, katie and micah are real people. i have personally seen the movie, some of the things in the movie happened some didnt. the family of katie and micah the actual people did not give the movie makers the real footage, but they let them see it so most things actually happened the alternet endings are all made up though except for one but they wont tell us wich one is true but one things true its not the one where she commits suicide because the demon was in her still so shes still alive as a demon, micah actually did die two days later, hey maybe she roams the city you live in yourself, maybe shes hunting you right now, maybe shes in your house right now trying to kill you. now won knows because we dont know entirilly what happened
  84. Guest15320430
    look up wikipedia dip s***s
  85. dale0
    ok the film cost £9,000 to make so question to Guest15138136 if the footage was real what you think they spent £9,000 on?
  86. Guest15245786
    guys if u think about how movie was u will know its just a movie like any other horror movie, its not hard to make door move, they r actors, why its 90 minutes only, why if the ghost can kill this guy it wait till the end of the 90 mins movie, and it knows there is a camera, when the door moved first time where was the shadow only on second time we saw it, then when it pulled katie from the bed how it pulled her and closed that door so fast and look at this the ghost couldnt throw mikah anywhere it throw it on the cam exactly be smart ppl , BTW its a good movie new story like no other horror movie.
  87. Guest15241661
    all i can say it was a f*****g good movie and iv never has so many goose bumpy in my life.altho i did think it was real till she got pulled out of the bed.They took it to far they should have just left it there and left us to wonder what happned after that.
  88. Guest15229091
    Hi, I`m from Belarus and yesterday I saw this movie. On my opinion it`s really so. I found the information about it on the sait of the Rancho Penasquits Police Department and there I knew that Katie and Mikah are really persons and this girl really killed her boyfriend. I think that it`s really story...
  89. Guest15218712
    yes its true
  90. Guest15139470
    its not true katiie didnt die she shut the camrea of at the end of the movie!!1 and its BASED on events not a true story!!!!
  91. Guest15103969
    How did micah die?
  92. dale0
    oh come on demons cant make contact with humans so that bit where katie is being dragged across the hall is not real, the most demons can do is make sound turn on power utensils or move bedsheets etc. its not a true story its on true events.
  93. Guest15086022
  94. Guest15072333
    There are three alternate endings one of which is where katie throws micahs body at the camera, the original ending was the one with the po-po shooting her and last but not least supposedly only publicy shown once is an alternate ending of katie commiting suicide after so all of you are dumbshits the footage isn't real the story very well could be but it was deffinately not real footage
  95. Guest15071067
    everyone of u are dumbasses it said in the movie that mica died and found his body on the 11 and the girl turned into a demon and when they found micas body they found the footage and asked the family if they could put it as a movie and all of the fotage is real they taped it themselve dumbasses
  96. Guest15070578
    Really though i exspect more from the world i really did actors die on a movie they acted on the actors just acted out the event that were based on a true story.i'm not sure but yeah maybe the real katie and micah did die but how the h**l did the actors die.dumbasses i geuss now if you act in a movie and your character dies you die to i'm only 13 and i know this shxt like if your a dumbass just dont post.simple.non-frustrating.
  97. Guest15069494
    katie and micah both died in the alternate ending. jeeze. its the "exclusive alternate ending" . . look it up cuz they don`t have it on the dvd.
  98. Guest15066437
    where does it once ever say or show that katie got killed by a cop u f*****g r****d i,ve watched this movie twice and have yet to see it
  99. dale0
    its just based on true events not a true story, when they dedicated it to katie and micha at the end that was just to give it some hype the same thing they did with the texas chainsaw massacre it was a low budget movie so in order to make money they made up a lie and u lot took the bait. the ending was even changed on Steven Spielberg advice.
  100. Guest15012801
    I think that the girl die and along when she was escaping from the house and the police found her.that was a good movie matherfacker.
  101. Guest14919316
    Honestly i believe that this really did happen or else they would not think the parents. I mean there are multiple reasons why they would thank the parents but, at the same time there are some real known facts and proof that this happen. I have my own sources to believe that this did. No i can not give out ANY of the information.
  102. Guest14891146
    this film is based on facts from many of stories and bought into one. it only took a week to make both katie and micah are uni students. it is a good film if you go in the cinema thinking it is true. all in all a good film. katie and micah are alive as they are actors and are both doing other things now. but as i always say beliver what you want makes it more fun. theres alot of arguing on here and some f*****g dicks just enjoy the film and believe what you want
  103. Guest14887500
    hey...the one you saw in the ending of the movie is not real coz stephen spielberg rewrote or redirect it..maybe the real ending is that they got help from the experties and thats it...because it will make the movie very very long if they do that....
  104. Guest14884158
    oops wrong number.! 717-576-3192!
  105. bryce
    okay first off..Guest14836432 your a dumbass.! this movie is based on a real the dudes answer above..thats the right one.! first u call it a monster..then u call it a ghost.? its a d**n demon.! and how wuld kno if they have footprints er not.?! seriously u p**s me off...UR NOT SMART! did your mom put f*****g stupid powder in ur food when u were a kid.?! it sure seems like me.! 717-576-3191.!
  106. Guest14868117
    Okay, I was reading through these comments and honestly, most of you are seriously f*****g retarded. First of all, it's BASED on a true story. Do you know what "based" on a true story means? Well it's re-acted as of the true events, but not literally recorded. They ACTED OUT what actually happened. That explains why the f*****g actors are alive. THEY'RE ACTORS ACTING OUT THE REAL THING! "Katie's" real family(not the actor katie, the real one) family didn't want them to use the real footage, so they pretty much acted it out of what actually happened. Ofcourse they wont use the real footage. Maybe sometime in the future. For now, for the love of god, do not f*****g post if you're as dumb as the rest of these dumbfucks(no offence to those who agree to what I say, just the other ones with, "i luk on google and i c dat they r aliv, dis is fak it is bullshet"
  107. Guest14848282
    it is a real story katie and micah are really dead characters in this muvi r actors they just did their job but this is true that real characters in this sotry are dead hey did the same thing as shown here they heard some noises and wanted to see who comes at the night....
  108. Guest14843478
    Don't waste your time just enjoy movie as any other horor movie as it is not real no doubt gr8 effort of actor and director.Neeraj Kumar Sharma
  109. Guest14836432
    well the film has sum bullshit like monster taking off wid the girl and dragging her and bitting her....Ghost occupy people thats true thing.....but dont have f*****g footprints.......
  110. Guest14782690
    Who freaking noes! it is based on a true story. The actors are still alive. but this is a true event. this could happend. anything haunting could happen.
  111. Guest14777936
    If these were real life occurrences then there would have only been 1 ending and not 3 because there can only be 1 truth in such a story. anything else is called bull s**t. besides if these were real life events the story would have also been splashed out in the media and there would have been a frenzy about it worldwide, none of which ever occurred. this story is clearly a figment of someones imagination. and certainly a good imagination to have so many people thinking if it were real.
  112. Guest14728291
    Is anyone that writes comments here american, or over the age of 9? Or for that matter a non r****d, I mean look at your comments. This movie is fake, on top of that S***y ACTING!, if you thought this movie was real, kill yourself cause youre a f'ing r****d.
  113. Guest14676335
    Well, I didn't like the film for its being too long. Yes, I was really frightened at the end and wanted to know of the root story had ever happened. In fact, I haven't found any evidence of the real story and suppose the movie being just a fiction. Pity.. The most thing I was impressed with is the light creature's shadow getting down before Katie felt some breath on her face. And those three-fingered traces :) The most interesting is that I've personally met people who felt or saw something abnormal in their really simple lives.
  114. Guest14671030
    There is nothing about this story that is fact! Both Katie and Micah are professional actors. They are both still alive and kicking
  115. Guest14669111
    micha and katie didnt die theyre still alive it seemed in the movie the did die but they didnt.
  116. Guest14664783
    in my opinio they saw the really movie of these events and the acotrs made a another movie very similar to the original version so mica and katie realy died it´s not a lie
  117. Guest14613478
    I think this isn't true cause u can see them interviewing.. in some news... yeah 4 me its a fiction but maybe... just maybe.. the paranormal stuff are just real.... just guessing...
  118. Guest14609465
    They are both real life actors who used their own name - Guest14589058, katie is not your cousin. You're a dumbass.
  119. Guest14606614
    solana films the author of this movie, have the disclaimer---" this movie is ficticious and any relation with real people or events is coincidential... so much for bUrstIng the bUbble.
  120. Guest14601246
    f*****g faggs u dont know what reality & fiction is :)) stupid americans, worthless peopple
  121. Guest14589058
    katie is my cousin and yes they both died
  122. Guest14506687
    yes flynn huang
  123. Guest14425870
    The movie "paranormal activity" is BASED on a true story, but was remade with actors and yes the actors are still alive. However, the REAL katie and mica did actually die and around the same time the movie came out, the actual footage was released by police and the family titled "paranormal".
  124. Guest14403709
    this film is absolutely a fiction.. but, MAYBE....... there's an actual event whose name and place is confidential.. like "the exorcist of emily rose".. that movie is based on true story..
  125. Guest14363273
    Don't know, maybe they did or not.
  126. Guest14339277
  127. Guest14324400
    the movie a have seen,it is true or what?
  128. Guest14292405
    I still think you are a r****d! O NO Sorry i can't offend retards so bad to say your one of them! The movie is made i know BUT i am sure most if not all of the event's have happen. I have experience in a few of the events personally. I haven't tried recording it but sure that will not work. I like the actors and was convinced that this movie was true UNTIL i read the forums. THERE IS PARANORMAL BEYOND WHAT MOST PEOPLE WILL EVER EXPERIENCE! "Blasterman 1 month, 8 day(s) ago 015Report and for all of those people that say I am a r****d just to let you know I am a cop so you are all getting tracked down right this min"
  129. Guest14245635
    if micah and katie did not die, then what the h**l happened in the film and how considering the budget of the movie.
  130. Guest14198490
    the film was based on actual footage of 2 people who basically went through the same stuff, in the end katie actually was possessed and then murdered micah and then she came back upstairs sat at the side of her bed and started rocking backwards and forwards, and then the 'demon' stops possesing her and then the cops come but she doesnt know she has just killed micah and then she keeps asking where micah is with a knife in her hands approaching the cops so all they think is that she is going to attack them so 1 of the cops shoot her. its based on a true activity but of course they cant release the actual footage.
  131. Guest14198045
    dudes who really thinks that katie and micah are dead are really stupid. I made researchs because i wanted to know too. And this movie is just a movie. And people are telling u.. there 3 differents ending! THREE!!! How could somebody die three times huh?? and at the really end the movie says itself that the actors and events in this movie are pure fiction and any resemblances with any real people or events are totally coincidental so please get over it this movie is not true actors are both alive and everybody can get a good night of sleep!
  132. Guest14128646
    i love katie very much hope i can find such a wanderful wife ever hooo hoo let's cheeers
  133. Guest13963157
    no they didnt die if it was a true story do u realy think that the video would be released to the general public, no it wudnt it wud be investgated and thoroughly looked at and all sorts of investigations would be going on about the activity.
  134. Guest13942458
  135. Guest13922753
    hey friends thats a movie doc style all is fake just acting "playing roles" like i think the demon sprit role was played by director himself as it's his house. rest all special effects any one can do it ha ha ha............................... rating :0.0000001
  136. Guest13917206
    the movie is not real:) search on youtube interviws with them after makeing the movie. it's a very good movie I really belived it at the beggining :D
  137. Guest13909440
  138. Guest13848461
    nononono f**k thats not true.....
  139. Guest13790740
    I have seen the Movie and infact the movies. The first one looked real , but when i saw the second one with a different ending , i laughed. The movie is no doubt interesting and based on the real events but the videos available on the internet are fake.. Thanks Guys..
  140. Guest13751203
    there are 3 different versions of this film. the very first one which ends with katie rocking backwards an forwards and then getting shot. the third one is where katie kills micah and throws him at the camera then it says they don't know where her where abouts are and the second one is where she kills micah the gets cabels and hangs herself with them. the very first film is the longest (97mins) and the third one is the shortest. i personally dont know if the film is true but i think it is because i have seen the first and third versions and they both have the same sort of evidence on them like the shadow on the door and it shows its bending over whispering to katie.
  141. Guest13738460
    freaks and losers.. No its not real its staged. It might be base don RL events somewhere else but all the footage is movie stuff. A nd is really noticable from about half way through the set ups and the obsession to film relevent discussions. The stuff with ouija board freaked me out a bit though with it setting light to the board. and I want to see how they managed to make it so ealistic with her getting pulled from the bed and then down the hall by her ankle. TBH the acting in it was nothing special as it asked for not a lot of talent. "Just act scared" was about the sum of the direction. Some who are gullible may think it is real by the credits posts. but you just have to remind them that hollywod makes things up. The discussion about the ending is funny as h**l to read as some say 1 is original and another is theatrical or whatever.. in fact there are three endings that i know of.. yet can only find the one i saw with katie killed by the cops, there is a suicide one where katie slits her own throat and then the body thrown at the camera one.
  142. Guest13736850
    i think that the people who beleive that the movie is real are f*****g lost in this life and the best decision they should make is put a bullet in the brain. no sean tan credulos...... es una forma muy linda de ganar mucha plata ... haciendo weones a la gente estupida. saludos
  143. Guest13735408
    هل فيلم كاتي وميكا حقيقيا وهل يموتون من خوارق النشاط
  144. Guest13733851
    niether of them die they both did interviews how can they die if there on an interviewso blasterman u r completley wrong
  145. Guest13723504
    yeah it is a true story, micah was reported dead and there has been no whereabouts of katie since, the film video tape was found at the scene of the crime and mikah and katie are in the credits as it thanks the family before the movie due to the distress it must cause them. Its devestating and horrific and scares the s**t out of me.
  146. spermcell
    yeaH is true story but micah and kattie life because her guest only iN film..! !
  147. Guest13714826
    micah and katie her not died because this is a movie but true story because micah and kattie is gues only in film ...! !
  148. Guest13677256
    guest13397961 plz get a life!
  149. Guest13605752
    is the filmk real?
  150. Guest13574319
    i just watched the movie and did some research. The director moved into an old house with his girlfriend. Because the house was old he could hear creaking and noises. This scared the c**p out of him even though he knew there was an explanational and wasn't any paranormal activity at all. He the thought he would make a movie in his house of a scary film. After he made it he sent it off to this home scar video convention hing where they directors loved it and recommeneded it to paramount. He then re made the film with a larger camera and better setting. For those who don't know there are two alternative endings one of them being micah is thrown into the camera by katie where she is seen stabbing him the other is where police come into thte house to see katie with a knifein her hand who then shoot her. Both actors who played the partare alive. In the credits of te movie it states that the characters and events are fictional!!!!!!! sorry about the essay but i hope it answers everyones questions!!! em, England
  151. Guest13527550
    the ending too this movie must be different cos the ending i saw wos when katie got shot by ah cop and i see everyones comment saying that she threw micah too the camera and startd biting on the camera
  152. Guest13463271
    Ok guys Stop arguing. The movie paranormal activity is fake but its true that its based on real events that have been found on the real tape but the real tape was short & not clear enough so they made paranormal activity. Both of them are dead & the actors that have portrayed them are very much alive to this date.
  153. Guest13410279
  154. Guest13397961
    katie and micah did die because katie they pulled her and then micah went to get her and he came back alone and under the bed she came out and then she killde micah with a knife and then she kept rocking and rocking so then i think it was katies friend that wennt to the house and nobody ansered the door so she went in and saw micah on the floor and she went off to tell to the police that someone killed micah and then when the police went to the house they were looking to see if someone was there and then they saw katie rocking and they were talking to her and she didnt anwser then they went close to her and shine the light on her and she woked up and then she got the knife and then the cops killed her because she cant put any weapon on a police so that shows that they really died so people that say that they diidnt die then why does it show that in the miove that they got killed
  155. Guest13394999
  156. Guest13382412
    micah and katie really died because if you seen the movie katie was really posed and had went down stairs and was screaming micah ran down stairs and got killed. katie went upstairs and sat on the floor rocking back and forth for over 10 hours so when the police got there they put the light on her and she instanly woke up and was going to the police and got shot. micah and katie did all of this in 2006 the police had to go over all of the footage they put thier picture at the movie so in my eyes they are really dead.
  157. Guest13366198
    micah died but for katie she disappered and no one has ever found her. She is still missing today
  158. Guest13243814
    i just saw this movie today.... and i want to know more about micah and katie... well i don't think so its a real footage......!!!! or may be its real.... i am totally confused..... well Good work.. and i like the scene when someone pulling katie's leg... and the shadow ov a man... !!! it was horriable.. and i am still thinking about this s**t!!! so freeeky!!
  159. Guest13236091
    its not real i no katie and she is in a new film coming out at the end of the year
  160. Guest13204523
    I think They didnt Died because I have katie facebook account real katie n she say its just a movie n its hard to say the paranormal activity its like real movies because i see a footstep that the ghost is walking....
  161. Guest13155277
    it is hard to say off the video to say it was paranormal activity. but i would say katie killed micah,
  162. Guest13145036
    The film was really a good piece of work. But the activities in the house didn't quite seem to be of paranormal activity. Katie's standing for a long time during sleep, going out & remembering nothing the next day is Somnambulism. People can do goal directed activities in this sleep disorder. Katies history reveals that she is having some experiences since childhood and later, her fear of being killed suggests the well known western culture bound syndrome called SPE ( subjective paranormal Experiences) where people may have psychotic episodes later in life.
  163. Guest13145036
    The film was really a good piece of work. But the activities in the house didn't quite seem to be of paranormal activity. Katie's standing for a long time during sleep, going out & remembering nothing the next day is Somnambulism. People can do goal directed activities in this sleep disorder. Katies history reveals that she is having some experiences since childhood and later, her fear of being killed suggests the well known western culture bound syndrome called SPE ( subjective paranormal Experiences) where people may have psychotic episodes later in life.
  164. Guest13135837
    i thought the movie say already that the actor and the actres was other people.. but the real mica and katie died already.
  165. Guest13116348
    No they have been on some shows but no one talks about then ending with the comes to the question why 2 different endings and why not a major show either?
  166. Guest13104773
    yes they are both dead as a door k**b the real footage states katie ran toward the cops coming up stairs and holding a butcher knife at that screaming where's micah then boom they shot her that bullshit she when missing is a lie I wonder if the goverment hides alot of things.
  167. Guest13092135
    ))reality falsifications. they f**k 1st preview...
  168. Guest12875290
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  169. Guest12871824
    ghosts and hauntings are very real. if anyone can prove me 100% that the movie is a fake then i will be the first to admit they are right. if they are really dead due to the possession of Katie then u need to show some respect in the matter. u would expect the same if it was someone in your family that died this way.
  170. Guest12843142
    I've watched the movie and I've done my research. They did not die, they were just actors. The movie was not filmed in "THIER HOUSE", it was filmed in the director's house OREN PELI"s house over a period of 7 days. GOOGLE can help you find anything you need and want to know.
  171. Guest12813893
    Yes they did.
  172. Guest12764452
    paranormal activity is not real,. and they are still alive, i got micah's and katie's autograph on the first of nov! THIS YEAR!!! they are still alive, now ppl who say they are dead, well, they aren't dead at all. they are still living. they were just some awesome actors. c'mon u ppl, quit saying they are dead! jeez!