Dharun Ravi a Muslim

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I have a question regarding the guy who has been involved in broadcasting sexual encounter of a classmate with another man, which later on resulted in a suicide. I want to know that whether Dharun Ravi was a Muslim or not.

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  1. Harry

     There is no way in the world that a person named Dharun, having a surname or last name Ravi could be a Muslim. Both these names could never be found in the dictionary of the Muslim names. This name is purely infact well and truly belongs to someone having Hindu religion. Mostly such names belong to families originating from India. This seems to have become a trend in the western countries that whenever someone gets involved or suspected of being involved in a crime, he or she is declared as a Muslim. Without even giving a second thought to the nationality, name and the religion, a person committing a crime is believed to be a Muslim. This concept has become so much firm belief that for instance if two persons are accused for committing a certain crime, with one being a Muslim and being a non-Muslim. The one who is a Muslim is considered to be the criminal, even if there are no sufficient facts available to prove him or her as a criminal. Not only Muslims treated in this way in some countries of the west. Infact, the nationals of most Asian countries are treated more or less in the same way which is something totally biased.

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