delay start time on kitchenaid KESC300 oven

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I can't figure out how to delay the start time on the oven. If it's 7pm and I want it to go on at 7:30, do I put in 7:30 or 30? I've tried both ways and neither seems to work.

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  1. Guest28385555

     Thank you for the info. Very helpful. Surprised it wasn't in the manual. 

  2. Guest28264818

     Worked like a charm.  Thank you so much! 

  3. Guest28104140

    I read these directions and it worked like a charm.



  4. Guest22495772

    I dug out my paper based manual and looked it up after not being able to find the answer online!

    So, the Kitchenaid Superba Oven figures out the  Start Time itself based on what you set the Stop Time to be. Smart Oven!

    Make sure you have your oven clock set up to the right time.

    Press Bake and the temp

    Press Cook Time and then the length of time you want the oven on (like 45 min)

    Press Stop Time and enter the time you want the food finished.

    Then press Start.

    The start time is automatically calculated and displayed.

    Delay and the stop time will also appear on the oven display

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