defination of formal communication

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defination of formal communication

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  1. ZZ

     Formal Communication Structure Definition:

    Communication through officially designated channels of message flow between organization positions
    Usually found in organizational charts, policy manuals, or hierarchial structures.
    There are three types of Formal Communication which are:
    1) Downward Communication,
    2) Upward Communication,
    3) Horizontal Communication.

  2. Eabby

    The Communication can be of two type, formal and informal. though, formal communication does not mean printed communication. For example, a spoken lecture from a manager to a subordinate is a form of formal communication, whereas a written joke passed around the office is a form of informal communication. The purposes of informal communication are
    To satisfy personal needs
    To prevent boredom
    To provide information relevant to the job that is not provided by formal channels.

  3. Mitchel

    Formal communication is defined in the following words:
    "A presentation or written piece that strictly adheres to rules, conventions, and ceremony, and is free of colloquial expressions."

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